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  1. You can also procure parts from forklift supply companies, Nissan made forklifts with plenty of part sharing.
  2. This is for the H150A and H165 axle bearings: 43215-H5000
  3. Here's some insight into the horrendous body kit. http://japanesenostalgiccar.com/turn-your-datsun-into-a-champion-with-the-210zx/
  4. Time Left: 9 days and 4 hours

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    Looking for a set of leaf springs for a 1974-78 B210 or 1975-79 200SX.


  5. I've been looking for B210 and 200SX springs but have come up with nothing so far, just exploring my options
  6. Looking for replacement springs for my damaged B210, going through Datsun1200.com there is a discussion of composite leaf springs in their wiki and a topic in the forum but nothing about being purchased or used. Are composite leaf springs as good or better than OEM? Worth the cost?
  7. As stated by the police officers, since we were the only cars there when we hit and both of us are claiming we had a green light the police can't charge anything. I know I knock big brother most of the time but a traffic camera at a location where there have been numerous accidents would be nice to show what happened.
  8. On the way to work I got hit be a driver who ran a red light, we don't have collision coverage so already starting to look for replacement parts. The biggest thing is the Minilite is toast but still holds air and the driver side leaf is twisted.
  9. http://www.datsun1200.asia/search?q=speedometer&search_button.x=0&search_button.y=0
  10. Currently having the differential overhauled, new bearings for the carrier and pinion. I've got everything aside from the pinion spacer (38165-N5000) which seems to be discontinued, aside from Pitroad-TS. Anyone might have a source for this part?
  11. Found a clock out of Australia, delivered by a platypus. Circuit board is damaged but repairable.
  12. Got this back in June, Sunny Excellence GX grille. Now to find the hood.
  13. Looking at replacing the off brand aftermarket stereo head unit, don't know if the speakers were replaced. Planning on using Pioneer but recommendations for speakers and head unit.
  14. They'll work, I'm currently running the 510 GTX2 control arm and tc rod, endlinks, braided brake lines and Futofab swaybar.
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