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  1. Looking at replacing the off brand aftermarket stereo head unit, don't know if the speakers were replaced. Planning on using Pioneer but recommendations for speakers and head unit.
  2. They'll work, I'm currently running the 510 GTX2 control arm and tc rod, endlinks, braided brake lines and Futofab swaybar.
  3. Starting to look at moving up to a Weber, kit K8624 is the California legal 32/36 DGEV. Pros/Cons? I'd like to keep the air cleaner for a stock appearance.
  4. Passed smog, good for two more years.
  5. With the S10 Silvia/200SX being based off the B210, I've been wondering of the H165 read end from the 200SX will fit without or little modification.
  6. Looking at these from B Projects Japan. JUN Machine Shop - 3.8kgs (8.3lbs) Kameari Engine Works - 3.4kgs (7.49lbs) or 2.95kgs (6.5lbs) B Projects - 2.95kgs (6.5lbs)
  7. I've also looked at lightweight flywheels, are these overkill for a daily driver?
  8. Looking at doing the clutch soon, haven't found much for the 63 series 5 speed. Will the 24 tooth clutch kits for the 200SX's 63 series work for the the B210's? Don't know if there is different dimensions between the bellhousing on the A and L series equipped with the 63 series transmissions.
  9. Picked up some free wheels.
  10. When the manifold gasket was replaced before the manifolds were bolted together and then to the head, they weren't lined up because you can feel a difference in the level of the manifolds. The mechanic had dropped off with his machinist, it's been welded and surfaced. The exhaust manifold will be surfaced as well. afracer, it is a '78 California model so I can't do much of anything without being failed for smog visual inspection.
  11. Having the manifold gasket replaced and this was found while being taken off.
  12. Haven't done much picture taking, most of what's being does is while I'm at work.
  13. FutoFab 5/8" rear sway bar. The rear shocks have been replaced at one time, couldn't find manufacture markings. New KYB Excel-G shocks going in.
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