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  1. I'm very sorry for your loss. Your sister is right, avoid making any sudden big decisions for a few months. My very first car, the reason i fell in love with working on cars (and with car forums) was an 88 Accord sedan. Champagne gold with tan mousefur interior. T boned across the passenger side doors. I drive it with plexiglas windows taped in to the smashed up wedged shut passenger doors for 6 months. Friends had to climb across the drivers side to ride with me. I sold that car when i bought my first Nissan, a 1990 240sx hatch that i still own. I have fond memories of those accords.
  2. Ignoring the five years of storage, i only have this through random luck. My brother in law ran the airport hub of a big rental car company at our airport. The airport decided to expand its buildings and his shop was in the way of that expansion. So the airport built them a new shop and he gave me one of the lifts from the old one. So i went and picked it up and it lived in that trailer for the next 5 years. I would never have bought an lift myself. I can't even manage to buy a high volume compressor or a tig welder. But I'm grateful he sent this my way.
  3. I finally did a big thing at my house. This thing has lived in a trailer for 5 years waiting for a good home. I installed a lift! Its a bit tight but it works. I had to notch the drywall between my bonus room joists to get enough height. I also had to shorten my garage door tracks and relocate the hanging brackets back, and then move my garage door opener and track up about 3 feet closer to the ceiling. But the door still works. I do think I want to make a custom Z bar to connect the motor to the door, which will allow me to open the door another foot or so. Currently I get about 8.25 feet out of the 10 foot door opening. With the Z bar, I will get more like 9.25 feet of opening. No, I don't need that, but I still want it. I also had to modify the lift a little. The motor was mounted on the outside of the leg, which I don't have enough space to fit it like that. So I cut the mount off and welded it back on where you see it. That relocation also meant I had to extend all the hydraulic lines. I had a local parts store make me up a 12 inch hydraulic hose to go from the pump to the original hose, and I also had to extend the return line by a bit. Its a Forward Lift DP10A. I installed a new box and now have 2 220V plugs together, one for the motor and one for the welder. I wired the lift to a regular household oven plug, since I had that laying around and it makes for a clean looking install. However, there is one issue that didn't occur to me until I wired it all in and it didn't work right. I have a 3 phase motor on my pump assembly. I don't have 3 phase power.... So now I'm looking at what will work best, either retrofitting a 1 phase motor to the pump (which shouldn't be that difficult), or just buying a complete 1 phase motor/pump assembly and installing that. They call this lift "versymettric" meaning it can be used in asymmetric or symmetric setups just by how you setup the arms. Where the lift is located in my garage should accomodate up to 20ft of vehicle length with the door closed, so I should be good for just about anything I want to do. And I have just enough room around one side to move around the lift leg. It aint perfect, but I think it should still be pretty awesome once its up and running.
  4. So there still has been no real progress. I replaced the gas solenoid in my welder a second time and that seemed to fix that problem, but now my trigger isn't causing wire to feed, so I have some wiring diagnostics to do. Frustrating. However, I have also been distracted by a pretty big house/garage project I have been spending time on.
  5. Since I only play with thrashed garbage no one else even wants, maybe my perspective is skewed, but I think it looks pretty great. Not even my 2006 daily driver is that shiny. That is a sweet 1200.
  6. Girthy. 😄 Sho sugi ban is always cool, especially if you match it to a shift knob. I've long wanted to do a shift knob with lichtenburg burning in it starting from the top of the ball and going down the sides. Not sure that idea would carry over to steering wheels very well though. Man, I really need to learn to get along better with wood so I can start dabbling in this.
  7. I've mostly played with 80s Japanese bikes, and a few fairly common bikes. I've got an XS11 halfway built that I need to finish and sell off. I've had a 71 cl350 for many years with a bad engine. I'm too cheap to rebuild that engine, but that bike is still popular enough (thanks to the cafe movement a few years back) that I can get most the parts for it. what are you guys going to do for reverse?
  8. Rear wheel arches, bed side seam for any pre 85 bed, front body mounts are the 3 worst places to rust out on these. Because no one stamps parts you either ignore it, retro fit it, or make it yourself if there is rust to fix.
  9. Interesting. I hadn't realized that the parts bin had gotten that empty. My buddy built a naked 1100 about 5 years back and it didn't seem absurdly difficult to locate the stuff he needed, but I may just be altering the past to better fit my current needs 😄. I've told him repeatedly we should build some unequal length headers for it because I really want to see if it will make the Subaru pop. However, he hates that sound (including hating the Saabaru 92x wagon I daily drive) so he refuses to get on board with my amazing idea.
  10. Maybe you mentioned it before and I just missed it, but what are your plans for throttle body etc.? I'm assuming you are planning ITBs?
  11. Yes those spring over shocks can provide a little bit of lift. They will also stiffen your rear suspension feel.
  12. Hahaha. Ridiculously small car for a goldwing engine to be that much too big. Awesome.
  13. Goldwing 4 cylinder with uneven length headers so you get some Subaru sounding goodness!
  14. Hell that thing is nicer looking than any of the garbage I own. Very nicely done.
  15. My question was for curiosity not judgment of what you chose. I'm very much in support of what you are doing here. Have you considered brazing as opposed to jb weld?
  16. Hahaha, bike is the same thing I was going to suggest. That is awesome. I rode a GX500 for a while. I loved the bike, but they have a couple odd nit picky issues that could be avoided just by using another bike engine. And that car is small enough, you could likely use an electric reverse gear, or a snowmobile reverse case to give it reverse. It seems like the Fiat 500E is a much stronger motor than the ForTwo. If the GX650 engine isn't enough for your whims, I don't think the ForTwo would be any better. I'm interested to see where this goes. And where you would stuff what batteries for an electric conversion.
  17. Noice! How much angle you put on those bungs?
  18. Noice! How much angle you put on those bungs?
  19. Is there a reason you can't squeeze the ECU under the seat, the way Nissan did it from the factory?
  20. Is the steering wheel the ST model? If so PM me, I am looking to pick up another one.
  21. That way the guy you are about to blow past knows exactly what's coming for him the rearview.
  22. Put in a switch that allows you set them to independent sides, both, and "on".
  23. Easiest way to test a switch is to install it and see if everything works.
  24. Ordered a part to fix the welder. Installed said part and that didn't work. Now I have to determine if my diag was wrong, or I just got a bad part off shelf and just need to do it again. So very little has changed. I finished completely breaking down both doors and made some cuts to begin building the rear drivers door. I also burned in the bolt flanges for the hinge cover/interior panel and drilled all the holes and got that bolted in ready to build the rest of it. I put this one a little closer that the other side apparently, so inside the bolt point rubs on the closed hinge slightly. I will have to adjust that fit as I finish building the panel.
  25. Charlie69 has a set of Isuzu Trooper mesh wheels for sale right now I think. You could PM him. I think Infiniti QX4s came with factory mesh wheel too. Not sure if either of those hits your sweet spot though.
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