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  1. Lockleaf

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    Not a bad look there. Nicely done
  2. Lockleaf

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Been there! My buddy and I always say if you aren't bleeding you aren't trying. Regarding tint - spray the tint directly with straight ammonia. Place a piece of black plastic bag over it, basically using the wetness to stick the plastic down. Set in direct sunlight for 3 or 4 hours. Then only peel back enough plastic to pull some tint and work it off. Keep some on hand to continue spraying. Ammonia will break down tint glue, which is why "tint safe" car window cleaner is always ammonia free.
  3. Lockleaf

    calling all lead nissan techs/oldheads!

    Only half true. The upper oil pan is also the lower half of the engine block where the bellhousing bolts. Maxima Fwd bolt pattern is different from 350z rwd bolt pattern. You will need 350z upper (and lower) oil pan to mate correctly to your trans and locate starter correctly. Maxima starter is in transmission. 350z starter is on block. Its the upper oil pan that mounts the 350z starter to the engine.
  4. Lockleaf

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    I would love to build a cb750 on a vintage Amen Savior frame. I also want to build a hardtail with a kz 750 twin. And one day finish my cb350 cafe brat thing.
  5. Lockleaf

    Honda Rebel Chopper Build

    He sold it. 😪
  6. Lockleaf

    Home Built Z 'Full video build'

    Very nice work. I love diamond stitch and yours is coming together nicely.
  7. Lockleaf

    Are Autometer gauges worth the money?

    VDO are great. They have been used in VW as stock gauges and are crazy common in boats still. BUT, i think the best datsun gauge is a datsun gauge. 720 trucks came with oil pressure and volt meter gauges that are 2 5/8 individual gauges. I have a set in my 510, another set going in my 240sx, and of course a set in my 720.
  8. Lockleaf

    Wire harness

    As a bandaid, go buy a switch from the parts store and hook those two reverse light wires to it. Then you can turn them on and off easily. You should be able to get a wiring harness diagram from three factory service manual (fsm). You can try finding a copy of that online, starting here on ratsun. See a thread in general discussion called "datsun manuals loads of them" or some such
  9. Lockleaf

    Project Binky - Turbo Charged 4WD Mini

    There are now two Howie Did it episodes going in to deep detail on the machining and design of the flexi shaft alternator design.
  10. Lockleaf

    240Z LS Swap - Advice Wanted

    TBSS is known to be the best over all stock intake. However, the Dorman LS2 intake is shorter height and produces VERY similar numbers, so if height is an issue, i would suggest looking in to that intake. It's also much nicer looking than the truck intakes. There is an impressive array of LS accessory drive layouts. This website from Chevy outlines most if not all. https://www.chevrolet.com/performance/engine-components/ls-lt-lsx-series-blocks/accessory-drive-systems Manual trans options depends on what performance level they are at and how they plan to drive it. Obviously there is the T56 6 speed and TKO series 5 speeds can take more than 350 hp. I've also seen the NV3500 used in car swaps, and after a short shifter swap, users have been quite happy. All of these can be fitted direct to LS, no adapting. In addition, the AX15 and NV3550 are other available options. And with what i read, there are a ton of gear options available to make it better perform in a car. Novak makes an adapter that bolts the old gm 11 inch clutch bell housing to the ax15/nv3550. As you may know, 5 of the 6 bell housing bolts cross over from SBC to LS. You can use a specific Silverado flywheel to account for the LS crank being .040 recessed as compared to the SBC. 5.3 truck LS is supposedly right at the upper limit of those transmission capabilities. Novak also sells a "HD" rebuilt ax15 that can taker more abuse as well.
  11. Lockleaf

    can someone thats done a 620 air bag job help

    You will get better help if you explain your goala, and what in particular you are struggling with. Are you planning on laying frame? Or just getting it low? Or just adding bags to the rear for hauling?
  12. Lockleaf

    DATSANITI - '80 210 Wagon VQ35 Swap

    That fuel door pocket came out really nice.
  13. Lockleaf

    240z Seat Covers on 510 Seat?

    Message ratsun member Angela. She has a source for correct 510 upholstery. She redid her wagon recently.
  14. Lockleaf

    Valve springs

    What are you doing for crank position sensor? Z22E distributor will work if you have it. Z24i should also work. Both likely require a different oil pump drive shaft as well. Or are you adding ford edis or some other option?
  15. Lockleaf

    B-Sedan replica car - building the Orangeboom car

    Nice. An actual functional v8 swap.

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