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  1. Hi Jake, Jason- Brian, former Mend owner here. Sorry for not replying in quite the right place, I haven't navigated the forum for a while. Mike sent me a note that he passed the truck on to Jake. This is totally great. My wife and I will be checking frequently to see what is happening. I understand Mike moving on to other stuff, and he made the right decision giving Mend to you. It looks like she is in good hands. Brian
  2. HI Mike- all this is over my head but I am in awe anyway. I had no idea Mend would start you off on such an extensive R&D. Very cool!! (For those of you new to this thread I am the former Mend owner.)
  3. You're way out of my league on this stuff Mike, but it's really great to see this thread alive again!! Brian
  4. Good work, Mike. We both remember painting that roof a few times. It always seemed to need it.
  5. Hey- this was two weeks a go and I just noticed. Now I'm gonna check every day! Don't worry about Canby, Mike, just do some work whenever you can. Wish I understood this stuff... Watsonius (former Mend owner)
  6. Very cool Mike. I agree- vids on the hard stuff, pics for the rest. Don't let the documentation stop you from getting stuff done. Too bad you don't have a "documentation assistant/apprentice". What a great way to learn machine work.
  7. Cool Mike- good to see you (and Mend) back. Watching this stuff beats watching football. :lol: We are hoping to be at Canby. See you there if not before. Mend is in good hands indeed. Brian
  8. Yeah, your stuff is not what's important, it's who you are and what you do. And who you are- Mike- and what you do is pretty special. We should all learn this lesson.
  9. Hey Mike- good to see you are back. Might be by sometime to see your projects- watsonius
  10. Trust me Mike- unloading something you don't have time for is the right thing to do. Sending it to a good home is way better than neglecting it, feeling burdened, guilty or just plain over-extended. Watsonius (former Mend owner)
  11. Mike- glad you pulled the engine. Now you can make the eng compartment look cute. It's pretty grungy. :)
  12. Putting it back together might be harder but it should be pretty satisfying. I did the brakes myself long ago (shoes, springs, fluid, got the drums turned etc) but the last time I took it to a shop. After I got it back I went to the lumberyard for some plywood and ended up driving it home using the emergency brake. Checked the reservoir and it was empty, with lots of fluid all over the suspension. Called the shop and insisted that they arrange a tow to the shop. Then the people at the shop wanted to argue about who was responsible for additional costs. I don't yell and threaten people often, but that was one of those times. It worked, oddly enough. Had things worked out a bit differently they would have had a death liability suit on their hands. Most of the time we had Mend the shoes were slow to release, especially after hard braking. Finally a guy on Market Street (Dmitri) who runs a little repair shop looked at them and just back-flushed the lines. Worked like a charm. He understands really old cars.
  13. The gas pedal: My recollection (and Do’s) is pretty foggy since this happened more than twenty-five years ago. (1982 or 1983??) The pedal popped off the floor unexpectedly as Do was driving home from a doctor’s appointment, forcing her to abandon Mend in a parking lot. I think she walked the remaining distance, she thinks she got a ride. In any case I called my brother and he and I went to retrieve Mend. We thought it might be possible to reattach the pedal, but after a few minutes it became obvious that this was not going to happen with a handful of tools, limited expertise, working in the dark. Fortunately we anticipated this and brought a length of cord which we tied to the accelerator cable. My brother sat in the passenger’s seat and yanked appropriately (or sometimes inappropriately) on the cord/cable as I steered, clutched, shifted and braked. Actually, considering that he had minimal experience with shifting (his car was a ’69 510 automatic), he/we did remarkably well. We did terrorize a few fellow motorists revving the engine excessively while shifting, but by the time we got home I don’t think anybody could tell that there were two bozos doing the job of one driver.
  14. Check out Mike's 'Mend' thread. My wife used a roller and red Rustoleum on Mend for years. Had no idea it was trendy. :) We rather like the 'orange peel' finish. Watsonius- former owner of Mend
  15. Hey Mike- I don't remember mentioning it earlier but there should have been a stainless steel plate that I used to repair the gas pedal mount when it failed countless years ago. An entertaining story which I will post this weekend when I have time.
  16. I really would like to come by someday and we can all go through the thread page by page. I have been directing our friends to the thread. Everybody wants to know what happened to the truck, and it is nice to be able to show them that it is being "reincarnated". :)
  17. Hey Mike- looks great. Not to worry- we are no strangers to the process of disassembly before restoration. Not sure we will make Canby and in any case it is more important to do the job right, so don't get in a major rush on our account. :)
  18. Way cool Mike. In your next life I hope you come back as a surgeon. You have the patience and the skill. :)
  19. Never too late for Christmas. :)
  20. I might do that. My wife might like to see your scrap heap- she likes to sketch car parts (she has my old EGR valve in the studio now...) I'll PM you. :)
  21. I think we should leave other peoples posts alone. Some of the best and most helpful posts come from members with less than perfect English. Anyway it is a well known fact that cars "run good". If somebody tells you that his car "runs very well", he doesn't know what he's talking about. :)
  22. Just checking in to see how things are going. Looks great.
  23. Been spending too much time and money getting my 85 Tercel legal in California. I would love to show at a Smog test station in that thing.... :D
  24. Today mechanic guy #2 determined that the pintle is irretrievably stuck/broken. #2 allowed as how I should find a replacement, meaning he wasn't much inclined to do so, aside from calling a local dealer. I actually have a job and my boss isn't paying me to shop online for car parts so I called my regular guy (aka#1) and in 20 minutes he found a dealership in Kansas with the part in stock, matched to my VIN (so it is the right one presumably). That was my concern- buying online and getting something that was the wrong part. As Mike has observed, we are "non-car people". New valve and vehicle to be joined later this week, hopefully. #1 gets a big reward (an hours fee and a good write-up on Daviswiki) for service above and beyond the call of duty. Thanks again to those who offered help and advice. Now we can get back to discussing why the world thinks we are weird to drive old cars and why we think the rest of the world is wrong (or something...) :)
  25. Thanks for the Rock Auto tip. I saw them but it is good to see somebody on the Forum mention them. I agree about the loss of literacy, but I also see a lot of really bright kids out there. It's a complex picture. More later- bedtime for Watsonius :) ps and the best people I have ever met were not highly educated
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