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    ***Great general parts for sale!***

    I appologize for those who feel offended for signing up and selling. I've been a big fan of the site and have had a few datsuns in my life but kept them in the past as projects and were not priorities. I figured I had parts that members would benefit from such as the headlights. It was always my first priority when I had a dime. I never had any real reasons for signing up as a member but have used the forums for ideas. Working on toyota cars at this time but if what I'm doing is wrong, then by all means let me know. Just don't kick me off for trying to help out. Headlights are all spoken for. Thank you all for your help.
  2. Hey Ratsuns got some general parts for sale. Large items I'd like to deal with locally like the wheels and such. All else I'm willing to ship for the right price. Prices are not fixed since I can't remember how much most of them cost me! Items are located in Oceanside, CA. Grant steering wheel made in italy! comes with toyota hub AND security quick release and locking cap and keys! never get jacked again! The real OG quick release and lock! Will not part $200 plus shipping Toyota NOS never used clock for the 70's! Not sure exact fitment but it was too big for my TA12 so i'm thinking it's a TA10 or even center console clock. You could just have it in your RARE display case too! I paid $200 for it but willing to let go for $150 shipped in U.S. ARCO NOS automatic shift knob 70's & 80's bolt pattern 8mm toyota clean shift knob just dont fit on my t50 tranny $20 shipped TWO full sets of BMW headlights perfect for old school conversions for your 70s and 80s toyotas! H1's i believe. Not sealed beams for sure. Non HIDs Jaguar gas tanks! Complete and could be used for custom setups! Got 3 in hand and willing to ship. $20 each or all 3 for $50 2TC or 3TC turbo manifold for t3/t4 setup. Got it from a C4AG member but going a different route now. $100 plus shipping Vertex white AE86 shifter cover in white leather. Never used! just opened for pics and HKS black limited turbo timer with unknown connector. $25 for the vertex and $25 for the timer. Flaming River Top of the line battery cut off switch with removable key while on or off! Can't turn on without the key or removing the battery cables! Best way to prevent theft! Not your typical kill switch from Pepboys! complete and never used! $50 for the kit PLUS the protective rubber socks! Also available and will add pics later when I get home: Centerline chrome wheels 14x7 +0 with tires! great for daily wheels so you don't ruin your bbs copies! LOL $150 A pair of pizza cutters with dead tires. good for spares also $50 for both 14x7 +0 offset shelby wheels in black with no tires pretty rough but could easily get redone and have a nice set of wheels for $275 You can email me back at hachi6ix at yahoo .com or text me 626 536 7002 Jay

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