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  1. Not a lot of honesty left in politics. about as useful as a mosquito.
  2. Im not political but anyone saying Biden is doing a good job so far and how their stocks are doing better I say It fuckin better be because to date under this admin we are going about a TRILLION DOLLARS a MONTH in debt. compare that to a neighbor borrowing 100% of the cost from YOU on a remodel of his house to buy a lamborghini a bengal tiger etc etc with ZERO means to pay any of it back down the road, would you say wow hes really doing well, or would you say, fuck! I think I just got taken for a ride? Enjoy your ups while you can its a house of cards built out of your future wages.
  3. All good, the venue appreciates us and we them, going to be a great time.
  4. Oregons not for profit sector didnt get any real support in comparison to other areas, I think what hes saying is well be doing our part to help stimulate their survival. There are 14 museums on the estate and I plan to give something to each. I dont have a lot of money but I can afford to put 10$ on each and submit the receipt for my taxes next April. I personally feel like its how I can thumb my nose at the political machine who forgot so many places just like PWRLND.
  5. All great Ideas. We'll figure it out, no big deal. What's on my mind more is even through this situation we still have a show! excited to see everyone who can make it out! Disappointed our neighbors to the north cant swing it but if that changes (fingers crossed) maybe well see them still. get your shit ready guys its only a month away!!
  6. UPDATE: We are a hard Go but theres a catch, the venue is in trouble financially after being shut down for a whole year so they have made a 2 changes, its my understanding that this will only be the case until they stabilize. 1) they have booked the back 20 acres of the 62 total acres and before anyone asks, its not going to be anything like canby’s double book. They could split this place 5 ways and everyone would still have more room than they could ever need. 2) they asked me to get a supplemental insurance policy. I will cover this out of pocket so if you guys have a couple
  7. I completely understand your frustration. Fairly sure everyone regardless of political views can agree it appears as though Kate is acting out of self interest at this point. I now get my mail in Arizona. Like Draker said, well see what happens in the next couple weeks. I'll contact the venue in the morning also and see where they stand. I know quite a few people have already requested time off of work and are coming from other states and I'd hate to see that be for not.
  8. jbirds510

    My 1971 521

    hard body (D21) alternator maybe?
  9. Amazing! thank you so much! Now to be like Oprah, You get a flyer! And YOU get a flyer, And you and you and you get a flyer HAHA! No but seriously, please post the flyer everywhere its appropriate, 🙏.
  10. Hey guys, need help fixing the dates on the flyer..whos got those skills and a little time to donate? The guy who made this for me I cant reach anymore.
  11. Well If you can make it that would be great, I really think youd enjoy the commercial truck museum there also. My dad drove for 50+ years commercially and one year for his birthday I brought him up from Sacramento to see it! he came back every year until his passing last year. The place is really something! I feel it would be a pretty cool added bonus for you. FWIW.
  12. My dad died of covid and the shop we shared for 20 years (so many memories) just makes me cry now..its going to take some time is all. The motivation issue is my shop and cars are in Sacramento Caliornia but I live in phoenix Az and Salem Oregon, so its harder to get motivated to go there knowing now what Im setting myself up for.
  13. Thanks Rosso! sittin on T3 struts with camber plates and zx brakes. The wheels are 15x6 Western minilites. Got some libras from teddy last time I saw him and I think ill be putting those on. Not sure yet. Was saving them for the 69 but things change. You running the rims you got at the powerland swap?
  14. The black one, i have the grille and fender grill trim also. L20 engine, all new hydraulics on the brakes and clutch and thats where I stopped..been sitting on the lift a couple years. My dad died and I lost my motivation.
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