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    1. Draker


      Don't stray away too long. There are just a few dummies around here. We love what you're doing for the community around here. Many of us want help you move it forward. Don't get distracted with the idiots. You'll find more of them on Facebook... they are everywhere! lol.

    2. jbirds510


      thats a good point and it was dumb to get upset, My mom used to say "it takes 2 to tango".. think life stresses best me sometimes. I like everyone on here and miss it already haha.!!.. You are completely right about face book no doubt. Ill just stick to here and give Mike a little more respect too.

  2. I love this forum. FB sucks.

    1. bananahamuck



      bass cranks up better on pc 

  3. Do you still have urathane uca bushings for 521 kicking around?

    1. mklotz70


      didn't know this was here.  Probably more effective if you use the PM feature.  ...but I just tried and it looks like my inbox is full.  Some of those pm's are 7 years old. lol  Guess I'll see about cleaning out a few of them. :)

      If I have any, they're two piece instead of the one piece.  Should work exactly the same, I just haven't run any of them.  Not sure if I've even sold any before.  I just went down and checked.  I have a couple of sets in red and one set in black.  You can't see them once installed, so there's no difference between them at all.  I just did some in red for the fun of it.  I don't have any of the delrin washers that go on each side.  Shouldn't take me more than a day or two to get around to making them if I need to.  


      If you want a set and don't mind waiting a few days for me to get to them, send my your paypal address and I'll send you an invoice.  


  4. Whats happnin man..Stopped by Jon's the other day.Saw your old rims :D he said you sold the 620.Hope the sale went well and you got what you were lookin to get from it.Have a great day bro.

  5. any luck with those coilovers?

  6. waaazzzzuuuuuppppp!!! haha

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