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  1. Well this is a really late update! LOL. I did get to the Williams show in 2015 and a local liked it so much he bought it to do as a father son project! As luck would have it I have recently purchased a 66 sedan and a 67 wagon!! I am going to restore the wagon as a daily driver and sell the sedan once I get the new title in my name. Both still had their vintage titles from CA.
  2. I have been into Datsuns for quite some time and have been heavy into the Roadsters that last 6 years. I even restored a 67 520 Pickup last year. I have never done a 411 and when I spotted this complete numbers matching little gem I had to save it. It has minor rust issues in the bottom of the rear quarters and the interior is a mess but all there. The panels are so straight it is just amazing. All of the badges are there and the lights and lenses are all there and in great shape. I found it in Ashfork Az this past week and am picking it up tomorrow morning. I plan on keeping the J series motor and doing a fairly stock restoration. It doesn't have a title but has been out of the system so I shouldn't have too much trouble getting a new one for it. I am working on building a 67 1600 Roadster for vintage racing so this one will be put on the back burner for the time being. Here is a link to a picture on my Facebook page. There are a few other pictures ion there of it as well. https://www.facebook.com/sincitydatsuns/photos/pcb.706615306132349/706615249465688/?type=1&theater
  3. Here is that link from 311's that lists nearly every nut and bolt for the cars, http://www.311s.org/pmwiki-311/pmwiki.php?n=TechSection.FrameBolts
  4. I am an owner of a 67 Roadster but also have a side business that caters to Roadsters. providing parts and assistance. Check out my website at http://sincitydatsuns.com and make sure you check out the section with links to other companies that provide parts for these great little cars. I have OEM rebuild kits for the Roadster fuel pumps or you could remove the stock one put a block off plate in its place and put an in line electric fuel pump if you like. Either way don't be swayed from buying the car just because you think parts will be hard to find as they are not. I even have good used tanks for sale if the one in the car is too far gone.
  5. Thanks! I should have updated this awhile ago. It sold in the first week but not for the $10K I wanted. Still I made money and there is another great datsun on the road! Check out my website at sincitydatsuns.com to see what else I am working on.
  6. I finally finished the truck. I ended up putting in a new alternator and cleaning up the wiring after I installed the replacment head. The head was ported and polished, had larger valves installed and also had a race grind done to the cam. I wasn't expecting all of that when I bought it but the guys machine shop mistook it as going into a race 510 not a 520 truck. His loss and my gain. :thumbup: So the truck is for sale. $10,000 OBO. It is a great truck and could easily be a dialy driver with how solid it is and how well it drives. Shoot me a text or call me @ 702) 286-3891, or email me at brianzana@yahoo.com.
  7. I still have them. I can't find any markings on them as there is so much braizing on them. They almost look home made. They are definately not lighter than the stock ones. i am not sure about any horsepower gains. If anyone wants them they can have them for $25 plus shipping from Las Vegas.
  8. I got them off of Ebay, here is the link. http://www.ebay.com/itm/datsun-nissan-520-521-ute-pickup-door-seal-rubber-weatherstrip-pair-left-right-/170758042553?pt=Motors_Car_Truck_Parts_Accessories&fits=Model%3A520+Pickup&hash=item27c1f8f3b9
  9. Yes I did. I got them from overseas and they fit like a glove with minor trimming at the end. They are really very good quality and I couldn't beat them for the price.
  10. I purchased the carpet kit for just over $100 with shipping from JC Whitney. Here is the link http://www.jcwhitney.com/custom-tailored-nylon-cut-pile-carpeting/p2007246.jcwx?filterid=d17937y1967g2j1 I wish it would have gone a bit further up the fire wall and extended to the rear of the cab. It stops just after the back of the seat. I had to cut the hole for the shifter and also made slits for the seat mounting points but in all it was very easy to install.
  11. The chrome shop took a week longer than promised but they work pretty cheap and it turned out great so I can't really complain. I put a couple before pics to remind you all how it looked when I got her.
  12. I finished up installing the interior today. I made a template and cut the headliner and glued it in with 3M upholstery adhesive. I used the same adhesive to put in the new carpet. I also put in the new lap belts but have a set of new retractable lap belts I want to give a try. I put the newly redone bench seat in as well. I cleaned up the hub caps and put them on too. It all looks so good! I am just waiting for the chrome and then by buddy is coming over to finish up with some last minute wiring. Enjoy the eye candy!
  13. Well I got a bunch done on it today and yesterday and decided to share! I put the fender badges on. I was able to locate a pair of NOS ones!! I finished wrapping the steering wheel last night so I put it back on. I put the gauge cluster back in yesterday as well as the new locks. I also put the vinyl letters on the tail gate. I have to say I really like them! I put the new door panels on and the handles and window cranks. I then moved on to putting the new door weatherstripping and window channel welting on. I even put the new clutch and brake pedal pads on. I am just looking for the gas pedal pad as it is bigger then the brake and clutch but smaller than the roadsters and 620 trucks. I still hadn't heard the wife poke her head outside and tell me the kids were driving her nuts so I put the sound deadening in as well! The new carpet will be in Thursday so I will put it and the newly recovered seat in next Friday. I should have the grille, front bumper, hood badge and exterior door handles in a couple weeks so I can finish it off. I am putting in lap new belts and they should be here by next weekend.
  14. I finished cutting and buffing the truck and am starting to put it back together. I am waiting on the seat and door panels to get done as well as the front bumper to be chromed and the grille polished. I have a couple more things to order and a few things I have ordered that need to show up. I couldn't find a set of bumperett mounts so I fabricated my own and finished putting them on. The rear looks finished with them and the new tail lights installed. I even made a bracket for the new washer bottle. I used a squirter from an early VW bug as they both use a single squirter. I put the radiator in a couple weeks ago. I used one from Champion Cooling (I am a dealer for them so I got it at cost) and had to use one for a 510 but it fit really well.
  15. zippy67520

    520 Build update

    Boy that truck looks good. I see you have an eye for detail and like to do the work yourself. Can't wait to see it finished.
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