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  1. Weird, thought we were talking about the yellow 510
  2. Wagon trailer door #1 on, fitment isn't great. But we have a big hammer for that.
  3. Things are moving slowly at the body and paint shop. I did get the trailer back. Decided to have the trailer repainted. Coupe reasons so it matches 100% the wagon and there's a dozen small things i want to see or NOT see. Vents didn't get shaved, nor did rocker holes. i put the doors on for the 1st time. and they don't fit. Thought this would of been done at the shop before paint. As a test fit. no pics photo bucket sucks
  4. This very impressive. Looking good. Look forward to seeing more
  5. I did a copper coat and clear on my cover recently, curious to see how well it holds up. Whatever you do im sure it will be bad ass
  6. Thanks for putting on another great show Homie Jose Looks like the city is giving the parking area to the homeless. Hoping to see a bigger better uncut location Until next year, enjoy the ride and life
  7. Getting body an paint at Left Coast Datsun Long Beach Thank you everyone for your help unloading this beast Stay tuned, Wagon trailer is coming back to Datsunville after getting bags and air ride.
  8. Sold Robin, and had the opportunity to get Robin back so here we are. New for 2019/2020, complete revise of sexyness P/O did have some great rot repair fixed and fix right. Well done Carlos, New owner of Commando 2 Rust the hole of hell on Datsuns Let the stripping begin Get rid of all rust and Repaint in red. Then new paint, rubber, headliner, and reupholstered interior, and working fucking gauges. Oh yeah wheels, Gecko Coilovers and more low
  9. Nice fender bro! On to cool stuff Shaved hatch, because hidden hitch
  10. getting ready for delivery, been pulling out hoarded parts. NOS fender just one NOS apron, been painted by me 12 years ago Modding 68/69 for Bluebird fender propose
  11. After years finally making progress. Got sexy back to the shop and flipped around, continued welding up and removing miss crap. look for yourself Seam seal and Zero Rust
  12. No Bluebird fender mirrors? Whoa Looking good
  13. Feels good to drive a Coupe. I feel your pain, just drove Commando 30 hours on stock seats. Now back to Evo Recars
  14. Blasting is finished. looking good again. Heading to Left Coast Datsun Next weekend for full paint and body Time to Zero Rust the underside and floors, then put her on a car cart. yeppi
  15. Front clip on and ready for body work Trying out a new body shop. The lady that owns this shop painted the wagon trailer. I am personally out of the painting cars world. Maybe something from time to time.
  16. I actually like the big sexy rubber boot I've got a secret Its all good, in a month this will belong to someone else Never built this for me, I only did because i could. Wanted to see a coupe that I always admired back on the road. This is how i got it, now it drives down the road. roughly 30 hours drive time last week.
  17. Wow this coupe is sweet. and the workman ship looks great
  18. Nice, This car was hella clean. new rubber new headliner, etc. looks like a lot of time went in to it a some point. Its getting closer to being back on the road.
  19. Finished trunk OG Bluebird center console, needed a boot, had this tan 280zx boot laying around so i opened the hole on the console and clean fit Repop emblem and tedious paint work, Grayson made a few of these for me, had it spray chromed and detail work at home
  20. Few fun pics i forgot about Refurbished the taillights, Had the frames spray chromed shop in Vegas $400, decided i wasn't happy with them. Took them back in March. finally got them shipped to me in August. Had installed a set of NOS taillights, However when i looked in to buying another set, seemed impossible, and very pricey. I removed the NOS taillights and finished refurbishing the other set. taillights 101 Test fit Had to redie all the studs chrome spray WTF Used a drill and big socket to drive my die
  21. Yes you did Kelmo, good to see you and your wife again
  22. Chris got shit blasted and ready to weld together Getting closer
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