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  1. After a few years this old dog is back on the project block. Was actually saving this dime for myself, but got a buyer
  2. Car sold to a friend of mine, Him and his son will be working on it. And already have. Got a lot done during the Fall Datsunville camp out. L18/ 5 speed to come. Installed powder coated front cross member, new bushings, new tierods, 280 zx coilovers and a bunch of other goodies.
  3. Back at it, wasn't to excited about the engine bay paint, needed over 20 more broken bolts removed before paint. Step one remove all broken bolts. Try all types of penetrating oils, and KY. No luck Tighty Whity and I burnt them out. Now let the sanding start, and grinding
  4. <a href="https://app.photobucket.com/u/the510keeper/a/f59145d1-93c7-4baa-9d9b-59fa433b9e77/p/eff08533-b3e7-476e-a78b-4d4bab31e043" target="_blank"><img src="https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/yy276/the510keeper/received_593469228190329.jpeg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds" border="0" alt="received_593469228190329"/></a> <a href="https://app.photobucket.com/u/the510keeper/a/f59145d1-93c7-4baa-9d9b-59fa433b9e77/p/3623674b-e3ea-4f41-a543-00f883de83ee" target="_blank"><img src="https://hosting.photobucket.com/images/yy276/the510keeper/received_560789731179576.jpeg?width=1920&height=1080&fit=bounds" border="0" alt="received_560789731179576"/></a>
  5. On with the 2 door wagon. Chuck's crew at left Coast Datsun did great
  6. That's a comment, looking good man. Vegas cool. A few 510ers in Vegas Jeff Ball lives there has a chill 4 door. Enjoy man
  7. Off to The 510 Parts Outlet, Troy does an amazing alignment Also found a few things i over looked. Needed to replace the idealer arm, and funky tranny mount FREE if someone wants it, tranny cross member that is Once back in Datsunville needed to install longer studs (didn't have at the time of assembly) and figured new rotors while i there. Now to find a show that isn't canceled we can drive too
  8. Baby steps, and she will be very beautiful BOSS Time to make this birdie ride great Already installed rear 2 stage coilovers and have always loved them on any of my builds Now time for the front, however didn't want to get in to the front til i could do it all with one big knock out. All adjustable everything 5/8 hole for the adjustable tierod ends Scrapped and sanded then Zero rust
  9. Always work to do before we can do the work we want to do
  10. Totally repairable, just takes time. that $300 quarter panel isnt worth buying however. Ive found them to be the worst of all repop parts
  11. Howdy folks On with the body and paint of RED Rocket, got a new name The heavy rust once cleaned and loose scale removed gets Rust Mort My buddy Ronn came by to help, thanks Ronn
  12. Very cool group Peeps from Settle to Phoenix Az
  13. Try and tell us how to live and cancel what we enjoy fuck those fucks in the fuck hole Pics bitches
  14. Oh, and 10 venders, 10 campers, and roughly 50 Datsun Heads 12 cases of Corona
  15. Wow big guy relax, i will post pic soon. Doing it again in October for those who could not make it. They did cancel Williams so need something to look forward to and enjoy
  16. carpet is done Ready for Humboldt Datsun camp out Need rear coilovers installed Camping fun
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