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  1. Yo, Victory and i are leaving Friday noon, with hang 510 aka brain, 5-600 miles and gas keeps going up WTF. Stilll better then last years prices. Looking to have a great time. can't wait 2 see you all there
  2. yo had agreat time, to much food, lots of fun stories. Lookin to do this again sometime. Would be cool with more 510ers (you know the old guys, as someone said). Canby is up and coming for 510ers. 240s are cool, but something about old school. For all the people that don't know we are having another Sac. swapmeet car show off Power Inn this will happen late July. So bring it, all you 240 guys should show up to. Bring your fokes so we have someone to talk 2 about the old days with. ight
  3. Ok so the day is close, how many 510 peeps are going to this show, or have you boys and girls for got about it already. See ya sunday
  4. hell yee, We are reg and looking for Oregan excitment. Vicki and i will be there in the Bluebird or turbo car, Bluebird gets better gas milage. We will be camping and heading to the dinner Saturday night. The biggest differance is we will be leaving Friday night instead of Friday morning from Norcal. So if any one wants to meet up for some midnight driving let me know. heading north on I-5 all the way. Lots of coffee or something. We will be pulling in Saturday morning. see you there James and Vicki
  5. I think Vicki and i will turn up at this bad ass BBQ, heard it would be a blast that should not be missed. Lets get some other 510er off their lazy asses. You guys know who you are.
  6. this is a big BBQ swap meet Datsun show at a Datsun guys house. So far it has out grew his area but we still all have fun any way.
  7. So that has been the bad joke, but my guys don't swim, never have, I was with stacie for 19 years and no kids, ha ha. I can have all the fun i want with out the headach. So Brain do you need leafs or what, also Vicki and i have a place right down the street from Ginos. And a block from the bar. always a good time.
  8. Vickie and i will be at the swap meet and car show, as husband and wife we are getting married on May 10 (510 day) fuckin cool. It won't be that hot there it is still may. See you Datsun nuts there JJ out
  9. Who's all going to the Loco Swap meet, car show and BBQ at Ginos this year. Call him with questions Gino 209-298-5130
  10. yep i also called, trying to make a fun sunday happen. But WTF, hey guys let posts events that are not going to happen, On A positive note there is another 510 / Datsun get together happing the 16 of May, a big swapmeet car show at GInos. The LOCO Swapmeet and BBQ. hell yah I'll be there with wonderful parts to sell, and cars to see and beer to drink.
  11. Victory and just got back Monday night form the show, 13-14 hour drive i didn't count. The Bluebird did well, except getting behind logging trucks, crap flying everywhere. We both had a great time and are telling the datsun goers down here about it. We played tag with a ford tempo, then he got tag for 80+ in a 65, as we drove on by. haha We are both looking forward to Canby 09 soon it will be here. Nice meeting and hanging with Pumpkin Dave, and some of the other Ratsun guys. tell next time
  12. No Ratsun sticker on camando (dark green Bluebird coupe) but we will be there. doesn't take a stack of Datsuns to get us up there just a hell of a drive. Yep this is James from norcal, and Victory, yep thats my girlfriends name. New love and need to get the hell out of cali for the weekend. I have made this drive to and from in a weekend. How ever we will be leaving thursaday night and returning Monday night. Bad news is the heater in the bird just quit. Nice timing. So fix the heater or dirve to a show 2 states over and hang with datsun freaks. HUh? Still cant figure out how to get a pic with my user name. I don't know much about computers i just paint stuff. Later james
  13. so all you Datsun freaks, its on, My girl Vicki and i are leaving Thursday noght from the greater Sacramento area to Washington. Hoping to get our Datsun fix. Were looking to hang somewhere (maybe Seattle ) for a good time after the show. We will be driving green 1971 Bluebird coupe. Whats the weather like, shorts and t-shirts (sweet). Don't be shy if you see the only Cali lic plate and say what up. This is going to be a wonderful trip.
  14. Here's dudes # Rich the pool guy, 916-835-1025 , you seemed to always call me when i was slammed at work, good luck, james
  15. My is girl and i are thinking about heading to this show, 14 hour drive with out snow over the summit. If no snow we would be driving the Bluebird or another 510. depends on weather. Sounds like a hoot. How many cars all togehter show up?
  16. yes i have the SR Bluebird, i was the guy in th flamed cowboy hat jumping on people, that was fun, The turbo car is getting a new lower end as the first one went boom, it was down the street at Phil Lees, (great guy) 2 block away So we are having another 510 And all Datsun swap meet this one is in Galt off hwy 99 at Vicki Bro auto repair shop, late March early April, stay tuned Big Johnson out :D
  17. The campping is a great way to hang with other 510ers you might not get a chance to hang with in the short weekend. My girl and i will be leaving Friday morning, early. We can meet with people along the way, say redding or ?. Also any body that has not gone to Canby you should, this show is loaded and off the hook. so can some one tell me how to post the Bluebird pic on here with my user name. I'm new and hella lost with all of this. Also is this how posting works. How do i get pic from the last swap meet in Sac on here. Thanks, james johnson
  18. Yep get me drinking and Mr. Johnson finds his way out, wierd, sometimes you don't even have to get me drinking. Fresh air is always good. The Swap was a great day by all from what i saw. We will be doing this again. Hope to see you all at the pizza get together on Friday next week (1st friday of the month in Sactown) Also i have a shit load of pics thanks to my sweetheart Vicki, and will have them for show and tell at the pizza place. This is my first post hope i'm doing it right.
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