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  1. If you are in Sac. you should come out to the swap meet. 21 Feb. I find selling the parts i do not need to buy parts i do need works very well. Look under events.
  2. how about a phone #, I don't get on the computer much, thanks
  3. I just picked up a car these would look great on. What do you need for trade and $$, i have a lot of 510 parts and some truck parts. 530-575-0911
  4. so what you are saying is i can get naked in your living room sweet. I love getting drunk and naked. yee ha. :lol: Also that 50 mile thing just makes me laugh. I have to drive 50 miles one way just to get good porn.
  5. Hey all you Datsun heads, we are doing it again. FEB 21st 2010 we will have an all Datsun swapmeet and carshow. $10 seller spots, Free to all buyers. All datsuns are welcome. Call Dave Pare 916-384-8302 with questions. Yes there will be z cars, 510s, 1200, 411s, 521s, 620s, roadsters, 610s, 710s, 810s, and maybe even a Datsun boat there. Parts we know will be there: Carbon fiber parts new, fiberglass parts new, NOS parts, used parts, body parts, rims and tires, etc, etc. Dave Pare will be showing off his newly finished carbon fiber Datsun parts. All custom and never seen before. From Wagon hatches to sill plates. Lets make this a great show. Call James Johnson with parts request 530-575-0911. Address is 6251 Skycreek Dr. Unit C Sacramento 95828 PARE COMPOSITES Starts at 8am til 5pm Hope to see you all there
  6. Sitting here in a motel after driving another 14+ hours. Non rusted parts sound great so do Datsun cookies. The wife and i are not going to be able to make it. We thought we would pick up a new Datsun the same weekend of the swapmeet. The Datsun is in Longbeach. We figured Norcal to LB to Az, then back to Norcal. Then looked at how many miles we would have a trailer behind us from norcal. And we got excited about the new Datsun, so we are picking up the new Datsun today, yeppi. :) :) Bummed about the swapmeet but this new Datsun is the chitti chitti bang bang. 1969 Bluebird Coupe SSS. We did a cash trade for one of our cars. looks like it will work out great. 2 more hours and this car will replace the 4 door on the trailer and we will be heading the 8 hours home. All of you have great fun and take many pics
  7. Well the wife and i are thinking about making the trip and the 14 hour one way drive, but we would like to take pre orders. we have 11 cars and shit load of parts. Can only fit so much in the truck. (seems i always have the part people need at home) We did the DHM show, a friend drove my truck. Victory and i drove the turbo car. We will only be driving the truck with parts this time. Somebody said something about Datsun cookies :) Sounds like a great time. Still planning.
  8. So here it is, the news is in. We are having a big swap meet, car show in Sac the 21st of feb. It will be at Pare Composites (Dave Pare's new shop). This is a Sunday. And will be big if us Datsun heads make it big, (the sac friday meets have seen better days as far as turns go) We did this swap meet last Feb. and had a great turn out. We will not be having a BBQ this time, but there are food joints near by. Stand by for more info. I will be posting more info shortly.
  9. Victory and i had a great time. The show was great and a good size for being a 1st swap / car show at DHM. Our friends that traveled with us all had a great time. Jason has been into Datsuns forever and never has an experience like this. He was wondering around all day with a smile in a Datsun daze. We sold some stuff, bought some stuff. The Sr car ran the trip great, 70-80 most the trip, however we had to be careful as we passed more chippies then ever. We will all be looking forward to doing this again.
  10. We will be loading the truck and 510 on Sat morning, looks like we have 5 of us hitting the road for ths trip. David Pare the cabon fiber master will have carbon airdams and maybe fiberglass airdams and interior door panels of cabon fiber. Victory and i will have alot of everything. Looking forward to seeing everybody and all the Datsun eye candy.
  11. Hey Jess, my phone sometimes sucks. With the weather that might come in the next few days. My wife and i will not be making the trip up to Portland. I was wondering if i can send you a deposit and pick it up later in Jan. I can also send you payment in full if you like, check, money order, paypal or ?? thanks james
  12. We have at least 3 Norcal 510ers making the trip to the big swap meet car show. Were thinking of parts to bring to this swap meet, but we have limited space, (just one small truck bed). If any of you Datsun heads are looking for parts, please let me know. We have alot of used parts, from sheet metal (including floors and trunk pans) to wiring and some hard to find parts. Not a lot of new parts or after market race parts. Dave Pare will bring some new carbon fiber parts, air dams and door panels, etc. Looking forward to this show and swap meet. Victory and I will be driving the White Knight (510 2 door SR20DET car). Call with requests 530-575-0911 James Johnson
  13. Awsome dime, to all that are interested Dave Pare is the carbon fiber master, he also does fiber glass, Here is his # 916 384-8302 Sac Cali. He will make anything, just finished a complete hatch. He doesn't advertize
  14. Well its on, Victory (wife) and i will be there. Trying to get a caravan to the show. Socal swap and show are alwas big. Can't wait. I'll be call with rsvp.
  15. Now this a show worth making it to. Took my wife to this place on our 1st date. We will be there. Just one question what if you have a truck load of parts and you usually take up 4-6 parking spots? Is it $15 donation x 4-6 or ?.
  16. so if you actually made it to our swap meet you could of bought all these parts:D. i have the brackets $40 and a NOS bummper $600 530-575-0911
  17. So yo, my bro sells all that shit. stock fender and flared fenders, 3 differant air dams etc, here is his info. 916 384 8302 David Pare. Tell em BIG JOHNSON sent ya:D
  18. Free L16 block 1 hour north of Sac. 530-575-0911 no shipping
  19. yo Graig it's nice to see some of the body panels i have sold are going to a good cause. Some of the panels i have sold never end up used. Your work looks like it is coming along good. Good luck with the continuing work.
  20. where putting together a big swap meet here in Sac for Feb. Last Feb it was awsome. We will keep watching for your final date.
  21. I have put up 8 510s for sale. Most the cars were at our home and shop at the time of the swap meet camp out. Can't find the time to make all of them show cars, so i thought it would be cool to find others that would like to make show cars or great drivers. Victory and i passed a 510 while driving the Turbo car yesterday. That was the first time that has happened in awhile. However she passed a red and muti colored 2 door here in Penn Valley area couple days ago. While driving the turbo car. Very cool to see 510s on the road, seems like the late 80s again. I'm trying to decide what car to make my next White knight. Then someone will want it. Nobody once a project anymore.
  22. My wife and i will more then likly make the drive 14 hours one way, but sounds like fun. When are you guys planning, will need to know inadvance, to make arrangments. Might drive a Dastun or bring a bunch of parts. Maybe get a few Norcallis to go.
  23. WOW that 510 sure has cum along way!!!!! you 2 are doing an amazing job. WE love the pink.!!!!!!! o sparkleys. We would, how ever like to see more pink. Any ideas on what else might in up pink? The white wagon is gone and Victory is driving her dime from when she was a little girl. Waiting to see what cool 510 event will be going on next. looking forward to more updates.
  24. Those kits are like a dick on a chick just fun to look at. We all know we would take pics of it at a show, (the side kits that is)
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