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  1. Making these things is not fun, but when there done, that is the rewarding part. Especially seeing them in a 510
  2. Hey Datsun heads, I have a custom gauge cluster for sale. $200 OBO Very cool part, and a lot of work to make. Takes 3, 2 inch gauges. I have maded 10 or more of these over the course of 5 years. Take a look.
  3. I'll load one on the truck to the swapmeet, I used this technique a few times. Look me up at the show 530-575-0911
  4. heading to Portland Sat, can save some Datsun heads some shipping on these airdams let me know. Calling is best 530-575-0911
  5. $50 heading to Portland on Sat. call me 530-575-0911
  6. DGR installed a NA SR20 in my bluebird drove the shit outta that car. only had one problem, great gas mileage everything, Now I have a SR20DET in the White Knight. In the beginning had nothing but problems (might of been a lemon), now i have the 2nd SRDET in it and all is good, gas mileage sucks. But has more power, and toque. I like the toque. But not the gas mileage thing. My next project is getting a NA SR20
  7. will be at the eagle rock show? here are pics of how i fix this same thing. I will look to see if i have another set of rear spares $50 a side, 4 door spare work great.
  8. david pare parecompites, 916-384-8302, he might have a reject that will work, call him
  9. NO inserts, good inserts are a 100 bucks ez.
  10. i'll buy your NA SR20, shoot me a price and there is a good down payment for your SR20DET I like the NAs 530-575-0911
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmm hookers :D I gots me alot of shit to bring now, JDM look me up at the show.
  12. This is a modified 510 10.5 inch strut, with the stock spring perch cut off and a coilover ring welded on. Included are a set of new springs, collars, and adjustment screws. Here is a pic. i have all the stock breaks (rotors, hubs, and old crusty calipers
  13. Driving down from Norcal, let me know what you need. James Johnson 530-575-0911
  14. i have a very clean set $150 both sides complete 530-575-0911 james johnson no pics but i can get you some soon
  15. I have like 6 manifolds you might be able to use, there heavy. Do you still have the SR20 for sale? i can pick it up soon, if you still have it. $10 each and $20 shipping will give you the manifolds for free if you still have the SR 530-575-0911 james johnson
  16. Yo i have most the parts you need: $30 ign. You need 1/4 window hinges? i have some 1/4er windows with good hinges, or do you need the latch,( maybe i should reread the list), I'll be at the swap meet in Socal the 28 march Sunday Glendale check out under events. That green coupe makes me want to cry :( . call me for parts 530-575-0911 james johnson
  17. Heading to the swap meet in Glendale on the 28th march, i have a few trunk lids also, prices very per condition. ie the more u pay the better it is. James Johnson 530-575-0911
  18. No pics right now but i have 1 set of 510 struts with new coil overs all ready to bolt on. $250 + shipping 530-575-0911 james johnson
  19. Eagle Rock rec center, Glendale, 28 march. I have texalium door panels (silver carbon fiber), Call me with parts request if you like. Driving down from Norcal. To the show always a good turn out. 530-575-0911 james johnson
  20. the510keeper

    canby 2010

    Victory and will be there, usually don't ask for time off we just leave :P Have no idea what we will drive. maybe a rusted out Datsun or something. Trying to get my buddy Dave Pare to bring some carbon fiber parts to sell. Who knows. Almost have 3 month to get your Datsuns going, lots of comments "my car won't make it" Come on think positively. Go to the corner market get 2 cans of liquid enthusiasm, and get that Datsun done. Lets blow this thing up. Shasta ain't got nothing on Canby.
  21. Wow Day 2 was a little different. We did something i had been wanting to do, but knew it would be a big job. Ha Ha the starting of a checkered wall in the shop, WOW WTF were we thinking Then our best man Tom came over with rock star and jauguer (misspelled) The next day was the surprise Trying to make since of our not so straight lines
  22. We had it for sale for $800, so the money for time thing at thing point, does not pay off. But Datsuns are fun :D Here are a few cars we have finished for other people in the last few years. David Witts 510 Daniel Tredways 68 4 door< He works with Dan at DGR, they did the SR20DET install for this paint job Scott Geers 2 door For you wagon folks, Chris' shaved BRE goon That is a small taste.
  23. Check out the build, under projects on this website. This car is for sale now or whenever. We would gladly take a deposit toward the completion of a painted car. Price Now is $1000 and includes a bunch of parts the car did not come with when we picked the car up. We are North of Sac Cali. And would be entertaining ideas of a completed drivable SR or KA car. Completely documented as we build. Will be a 6 -12 month build. Car has very minimal body damage and rust, some parts will be replaced with better parts. James and Victory Johnson 530-575-0911
  24. Victory and I decided to start a build. To see if we could get more interest in a clean 69 2 door nobody has wanted. My painting business is slow and we have a lot of time and Datsun resources. It is fun to see what others don't in a Datsun. I could not figure out if we should put this under Datsuns for sale or projects. This Car is for sale as we go, until we have a finished drivable car. If someone wanted to buy this car now, it is for sale. We are planning a pearl red base clear, and undecided on how far we will take it. Might go as far as putting this car on our rotisserie. Day 1 was very successful. Always amazes me how much work you can get done if you try. By next week (weather depending) we should have most the car sand blasted and ready to start welding on the engine bay etc. This is how we got the gem, $500 At the shop with some sanding started Victory with a sander, she sanded most of this complete car in a day. Grinding off the smashed front apron. Holey heavy metal Batman. We got this Robin, we will be welding in another one. She's a maniac, and she is sanding like she's never sand before. End of day one
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