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  1. We stopped going to Blue Lake once Canby started, is it still a big turn out? Always fun driving a dime through Oregon. Do you guys still do a swap meet ?
  2. So a bunch of Datsun heads made the trip, and hung out with us at the B-day party. The Sac chapter Datsun group did a fun run that ended at the party. 5 Datsun and 1 Nissan went on the fun run. Here are some pics The always lovely Victory :hug: My twin bro, me, and Victory :baby: This birthday party was for My Bro, me and my Aunt. We were all born on the same day. 1 1200, 1 lifted 521, 1 Bluebird Coupe, 1 Nissan Sentra, and 4 510s :thumbup: .
  3. Nice project, Love the orange. :) Can't wait to see it at a show.
  4. I have a set of the bumper brackets and rear filler panel for a goon $40 for all, let me know if i should load it up for the swap meet
  5. http://www.the510realm.com/viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14209 This is my Wifes car.
  6. Yep, someone couldn't stand to see me with clothing on at the last BBQ, so there i am naked, feels good. Who's up for the next fetish fair? naked people everywhere. Bring whatever you like to drink. We might run out. Should have a lot of food, chips and salsa are always good. I just finished this 1 week 1 day paint job on a 4 door we picked up at the L.A. swap meet, SWEET, This was a bet with a friend of mine, 3:30 in the morning from day to day but I won. Pic and description soon. Gotta buff it tonight. :D
  7. Thanks everybody, Victory just brought home goodies for the party. Looks like this will be fun
  8. Hey Datsun heads here's the perfect project Datsun 510 1972. All the glass, complete suspension, minimum interior parts (dash is there), NEW rubber front and back windows, doors, and some window felt. Body is great, floors are great, Minimal to no rust. NOt complete, but come with more parts then the pic show. Prefect candidate for a car swap, especially if your driver needs more love then you want to give it. Call with questions. Will tow for free to the next swap meet in Fremont 4-18-2010 call James Johnson 530-575-0911 $1400 OBO. Will sell for less money if you do not want the rubber kit.
  9. yo here is a pic of a 2 door, you can call me for info, also i have it on C/L SF $1400 with a bunch of new rubber or cheaper with out. I have more then enough parts to make as complete as some one would want it to be. But that reflects price. Minimal rust, car body is in good shape. James 530-575-0911
  10. So another no show at the Friday night pizza get together. WTF, you do know you can have a family and a car. We missed you. You could bring your man, don't be scared. So birthday bash at the Johnsons on the April 10th. Also if you want to sell me your 510 lets talk.
  11. There is a swapmeet in the Bay area in April. 18 2010. Should be fun, as most Datsun shows are. Lots of Datsun in Bay area. Hope to see some Socal Datsun there. Not that far of a drive if you think about it. Check out events 4-18-2010
  12. So this bad boy sold, but i'm slowlyyyyyyyy working on the next one. It will be for sale at the upcoming swapmeet in the Bay area Cali. Thanks 2 everyone for there interest.
  13. Cool, Bay area swapmeets are great, maybe because there are alot of Datsuns in the Bay. Victory and i will be there for sure. NO plans but this swap meet for that weekend looking forward to it. Maybe we will see some of the bay area BIG DATSUN HEADS, Dan, Rob, Troy are your ears burning. I'll give DGR a call. My wife and i are Datsun junkies, she just told me she wants a 411 4 door now, WOW :huh: . I'm looking. Beer can we bring beer if we get a designated driver. Key words kids, if you drink don't fucking drive :angry: . As always if you need something special give me a call. :D
  14. WOW, had a great time, we never any made it home last night. More cars then i could count. Great people, great cars, and times. Unloaded a truck load of parts and bought a truck load of parts. Jose the man the myth the legend
  15. Very cool post, multicolor 510s are cool
  16. Loading the truck tomorrow (Friday) and getting excited. :) Looking forward to this trip. :rolleyes: We will have a truck and trailer, it will take me most of the day to load the truck and gather up all the parts. Dave Pare is not rolling with us but i will have his fliers and a bunch of parts he has made over the last few weeks. here is a pic of my truck a few years ago before a swapmeet.
  17. i have some lock will you be at the swapmeet Sunday, look me up. white chevy with a bunch of parts james johnson
  18. Here are some cool pics of cleaning the under side, but it started getting dark.
  19. Rob i have some pics for you at your email, and Dave Pare will be carpooling with me down to the show, and he will have some carbonfiber door panels
  20. Thanks for the offers, but i sold the one i have finished. Yes got the asking price. I'm going to find out what these will cost to be made in fiberglass or carbon. Or just plain plastic. Hopefully that will get the price down. I did make one for my last RHD Bluebird coupe. Just one. I think i put the first one i ever made up for sale 7 years ago. Had alot of response, but no taker (already had gauges in it).
  21. Al i need your email address for pics of this hood
  22. Been working on it, but just took a trip to the big O, Oregon had to pick up a goon. The car is now on a rotisserie. Funny thing, I bumped the rotisserie with my trailer the other day. And it started to roll down the drive way (we are on a hill). The wife being shera in her flip flops decides she better save this dime from sure disaster. (i'm still in the truck). I get out of the truck, she skiing down the driveway attached to the rotisserie. In the end the car almost flipped on its side, but did not, and all is good. Here is pic from a week ago
  23. This event is always huge. So no worries on a wonderful turn out. No 73 JDM grills for sale, I have only ever owned one. It's like art to me, hangs on a wall in my shop.
  24. Hey heading to Or. tomorrow do you have a # i would like to take a look at the cars, on my way to or from Portland. Thanks James 530-575-0911
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