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  1. UPdate Pressure washed this old stinky, with a little cleaner. Then started cutting out floors. took some sheet metal and bent it to size, drilled some holes and wa-la
  2. You could go to Dave's shop and help him make parts and prep parts. He is all about trading help for carbon fiber parts. Get to know the man behind the carbon.
  3. The wife and I drove the white knight to Las Vegas 20 hours on the road, left arm is red and burnt. Took the scenic drive on the way down, but We made great time home. I wanted a pic of the car in front of the welcome to Las Vegas sign, but it is a busy road (signs in the middle)
  4. 4 days and counting, there is a Sac chapter Datsun gathering at Round table pizza off Sunrise at Coloma Friday evening. Pre swapmeet party.
  5. i will bring a bunch of 521 parts, even got a set of cool custom taillights, a lot of stock tune up parts. i do have a cherry B210 grill, I'll bring it. We already unloaded a truck load at Daves Shop this week. 9 days and counting.
  6. yep i have a set of 280zx coil overs, but not for donation, I'll bring them
  7. take 99 to 50, hwy 50 East to Power Inn, power inn to Alder creek, left at Alder creek to skycreek. Done, There are faster more confusing ways, I just don't know al;l the street names
  8. The white and silver is just silver texalium. Or silver carbon fiber, I had Dave do a run of texalium, but did not sell very well. Here are some pics, Looks great in the sun and ok in the shade.
  9. Hey everybody trying to figure out what people want or hoping to see at the swapmeet, Let me know. Thanks We also have 8 510s for sale, 1 521, and 1 320 truck
  10. Yep we got us a Hawaiian, Jason AKA Tiki. His whole family has Datsuns on the island. He just picked up the 4 door distraction i had a build on. Hella nice guy.
  11. making progress, most the car in primer, we will be doing a ratsun look distress look paint job (saw a model A at Hot August Nights with this look). cut the lower rear valance off, it was bad. Dave makes them out of fiberglass. CAN YOU SAY 510s
  12. UPDATE, might be the last. The new owner and his Datsun. looks great, now I'm happy we did the work. Put some different wheels on it, bumpers and an airdam
  13. HEY, it only take me a few minutes when I'm humping (stay still and don't talk ;) ). The White Knight is getting a new SS exhaust header. Next year we will be driving a Dime, we need some cars at this show.
  14. Well we have a few more Datsun 510 projects going on right now, Some top secret. This one needs as much publicity as possible. Tried to sell it but it was ugly and nobody wants a ugly 510. So the wonderful wife, decided she would change the look of this ugly duckling. I came home from work one day and she was the color of a plumb. She had been sanding on this 510 all day. Still gave her a big kiss. I was thinking she was going to just scuff the surface with a sander, but she pretty much took most the car down to bare metal. It's funny, just sanding a 510 makes it look better. Shortly there after, I decided to take care of a few dings and dents. One thing lends to another and parts get replaced, lic lights get shaved etc etc. Pics are worth a 1000 words and here they are. more to come
  15. So for all of you guys that want to show up EARLY, Dave said, you all can come out Saturday evening. After hours, when landlord is gone. Sleep in your cars or ????. WOW we might see some Socal guys, this is going to be the biggest swap meet ever
  16. More updates, Doing a little body work on the rear. Looks like fun. Digging out on seal sealer
  17. Sad news kids Dave said no go on the 2 day event :angry: . His landlord needs the parking lot for Saturday. SUNDAY IS STILL A BIG GO.
  18. I forgot the trucks and a 710 2 door
  19. More pics Beautiful Victory and I Me and the Brass Monkey cool carbon fiber hood on a 350Z The BIG D There it is Datsun heads, hope you enjoyed
  20. WOW, Gauge really threw it together. Had a great time, made new friends, and got a new Datsun tattoo, by a Datsun guy (sickboy). I now know what a Brass Monkey really is. That funky monkey. Next year we hope to see a couple 510s.
  21. with the cost of lights and sheet metal work total cost was $1000, the lights are $200 by themselves, Subaru outback 05-08 hatch back up lights, we have all seen them while driving behind one, Lots of metal work
  22. SOLD A buddy picked this bad boy up, now he is talking about having me 2 tone it.
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