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  1. Ratsun is my facebook

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    2. Pumpkn210


      I just wanna tell you both good luck, were all counting on you!

    3. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Ditto ... and wtfbbqlolz pumperkins ollz

    4. 530510
  2. heading to LV this weekend 12-3, hang with some Datsun heads, james 530-575-0911

  3. yo, will be in Las Vegas this weekend, you be a round. want to check out the dattos over there 530-575-0911 james

  4. Yo Dave, when is the next swap meet in L.A. ?????? We are having a get together here at our shop and home, you should drive up. Plenty of room for camping

  5. yes calling is best will be heading to Or. 530-575-0911

  6. yo hector you and alex coming up the 17-18 of Oct for the 510 fun, james

  7. hey, hows it going your guys fun run looks like a lot of fun James Bluebird guy

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