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    2 X 510's w/ Mazda ROTARY 13B, Restored 72' 521 and more Datsuns...
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  1. Is that a Hilti charger I see?
  2. Rotary510

    New 521 to Ratsun!

    dude...I have a restored 72' 521 that I have yet to post pictures..leave it as is...do what datzenmike says...I did the same...your truck is worth more as is than with some junk honda wheels or mods that would deface the originality...originality is $$$ remember.
  3. Rotary510

    Canby 2014 No Fucks Given - - June 14 & 15

    I am taking out of my garage, which is stored inside a giant pharaoh sarcophagus, a new ride that I am certain will bring smiles to all my Ratsun friends and hopefully an award...can't wait :)
  4. Rotary510


  5. Rotary510

    "FEST" Nov 9th Monroe WA

    Any pics of a previous meet?
  6. Its downtown LA, I would probably have her adjust toe in front and forget the rear. However, to have no shops locally tell her this car is "un-alignable" is pretty stupid. She drives the car everyday, so its a car that gets used as a daily driver. AND it is by far more reliable that any car out there. Thank you all for the help, I will start looking into a place to at least tell me its damn straight.
  7. Rotary510

    My apologies to you Adam and Ratsun

    Glad to see Adam continue to get props for his contributions to the Datsun FAM. He even makes citizens arrests at no charge. Adam, those bobbies are well deserved!
  8. So my mother has tried every place in Los Angeles to align her 1982 Datsun 810 DIESEL Maxima. She has even tried several Nissan dealers...PROBLEM: No one can or knows how to align a Datsun 810 from 1982!!! Do any of you know how we can align this car in Los Angeles or anyone you know, my mom just put brand new tires on it and the mileage is at only 80k original. ANYONE can give me the magic answer??? You will be paid with BEER $$$$
  9. Rotary510

    Where are the Canby 2013 oics?

    I was there yesterday will not be there today. Tons of cars and crowd...as always Canby has become part of the NW Datsun culture.
  10. Rotary510

    Honda Hate?

    Any car older than 25 years to me is worth the time, effort and respect all time, devotion and love. I do mean those 1993+ civic/crx/accords that are demoted from wonderful reliable machines to: " One screw holding my bumper bracket with my wannabe neg-camber wheels barely touching rubber on the pavement and a loud ass engine that makes just enough power to beat my grandma walking with her grocery cart with a delicate lip on my wheels damaging my stock-cut springs on used tokiko shocks with a JDM cigarette lighter green in color from japan and some beautiful white stickers in a perfect angle line on my windshield, which has proven an extra 3 HP and magnificent set of JDM side markers with led bulbs blur in color to ensure I will get bitched slapped from the police to finish the true race look, a Costco set of JDM rubber mats and matching steering wheel for $19.99 and finally a strut tower brace...cause gosh with this much HP my unibody frame might break" If your Honda is a CVCC you have nothing to worry about. Still I must say the 1.5L SOHC is an amazing engine.
  11. Rotary510

    Honda Hate?

    I used to be a Honda dumb Ass...although I became an avid Car mechanic the mentality of drivers is what I hate and most people in general hate. I see drum ass kids all the time with a 1.6L non v-tec and wanna be JDM crap racing up and down all over the place with their Loud ass exhausts....I drive a 300 HP Fatsun all over the streets and drive the speed limit and respect the laws....two reasons: a mature and intelligent mind that understands Cause and Effect and a car that cannot be replaced. On the other end, a dumb ass air head adolescent thumb sucking idiot with a tin can replaceable for $995 anytime on Craigslist.Plain & simple

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