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  1. TheArtist, your De came out of the newer trucks?
  2. Heretic, ill talk to them and see what they say. Because I do have a question about the intake anyways. Obd1/pre obd cars (without tac) don't need carb approved intakes. So you can just about use any intake from any car and still be smog legal. But I'm wondering if they will care about that if I'm bringing a car to them for inspection.
  3. Thanks everyone, I wasnt planning on doing this swap originally. That's why I didn't keep looking until i found a pre 75. But I understand about bar, I bar'd 2 of my older civics, helped some of my friends with theirs. I even tried to bar a k20a2 in my civic, passed everything, but because my civic was converted to rhd, they couldn't issue me the sticker (because firewall Vin is different). I know anything is possible, and most people wouldn't want to deal with all the hassle, but ill give it a shot and see what happens. Obd1 engines don't require much so shouldn't be too bad. I just thought since so many people do this swap, maybe some else tried to ref their swap already.
  4. I'm in Sacramento! if there's a meet some time soon, maybe I can check out your truck?
  5. Bought my 620 about a year ago, haven't got around to do much to it yet. Dash and seat is in pretty rough shape, exterior is decent. Came lowered already but im not feeling the torsion bars so I'll probably mod some coils up front. But to my main question, have anyone in cali ever bar'd a ka24e in their truck? I know most of you don't have to deal with smog, either smog exempt or your state is easier with smog inspections. I already put my ka in, not running yet, but it starts up. Just got my driveshaft extended. Most of my wiring is done, just need wrap them in some wire looms. Ill post some pictures as soon as I upload some. But for now, if anyone have some input on how they got theirs to pass bar any help will greatly be appreciated.
  6. I tried finding just the spring thing but couldn't. Might just have to get off ebay. Its just hard to spend more on shipping than price of part and still have to wait a month for it to ship in.
  7. Does anyone have a used one for sale? The spring on mine is broken so it's pretty annoying. If you have one, how much shipped to 95824. Paypal ready
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