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  1. Manteca was a good spot for me.... I just didnt like being so far away from the show...i think the swap meet should of been adjusted to fit the show a little better
  2. Im down for another swapmeet/show this year!!!
  3. Ya i should of Said the end of this month.
  4. Is there going to be a meet next friday?
  5. I will be selling at the show this weekend....
  6. datsunpolisher

    67-520 right side fender "sale pending"

    Just replied to your pm
  7. datsunpolisher

    WTB Z22 for a LZ22 build

    This is good to know because i was gonna buy a z24 to do an lz motor. So now i need a z22. Too. The hunt is on. Oh and now im gonna have my l20b short block for sale, comes with block, crank, rods, pistons, maybe the flywheel.
  8. datsunpolisher

    NorCal Shokuji J-Tin April 20, 2013

    Got a chance to put a lot of faces to names, good show , cool people, see you guys at the next show!!!
  9. datsunpolisher

    NorCal Shokuji J-Tin April 20, 2013

    I dont have any yet!! I will be selling parts so if your walking around bring a few by my swap spot youll see my truck. Thanks.
  10. datsunpolisher

    510 Aluminum Radiators from Datsun Parts LLC

    I will be looking into one of these for my 1972-521 l-16 WITHOUT a fan clutch. Hope theres enuf clearance for the fan.
  11. datsunpolisher

    Weber Dgv5a w/Adapter-$120shipped(SOLD)

    Ya i did that to the lower part last year when the fan rubbed on it when i got into the wreck. But now its leaking from the top where it pinches together.
  12. datsunpolisher

    Weber Dgv5a w/Adapter-$120shipped(SOLD)

    Do you have a radiatior for a 521 mine is leaking.
  13. datsunpolisher

    Weber Dgv5a w/Adapter-$120shipped(SOLD)

    If you still have it by monday ill get it from you.
  14. datsunpolisher

    Post Your 521.

    Looks good!!
  15. datsunpolisher

    bakersfield california getogether?

    Im in fresno i could prob come down.

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