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  1. Judging by the patch job behind the door I bet it has plenty of holes in it.
  2. Member titles don't show up on the mobile site.
  3. Or by the sheer onslaught of people calling you names, as was the case with one über güber.
  4. Pfft, you think those glasses are prescription? That shit is just for show I guarantee.
  5. I don't know about that, bitch looks like a fucking cartoon character more than a human being, if it wasn't for the slight crooked bottom teeth I would have guess it was all cg.
  6. Holy airbrush Batman, that's a lot of post edit!
  7. The frogs along the back look like they have been hanged and they're all sad about it.
  8. Yeah, well you're from Oklahoma so no one is surprised
  9. So was that a russet or a baby red potato you took that picture with?
  10. I do not see any Batmen, but Deadpool looks like he's trying to smuggle some contraband Kings Hawaiin rolls in his pants.
  11. Fucking cyclists.....I used to come across one every day on my way home from work, I nearly hit that guy half a dozen times when he swerved to miss something in the road and came halfway into my lane. That's when I had my Toyota wheeler, that mother fucker would have just gone right under.
  12. Drop an L motor in it, you get the same horsepower and it's lighter and more efficient.
  13. Stay safe Lou, weather is hell sometimes. That 6 cylinder boxer engine I believe was in the Tribeca stateside.
  14. Love that purple, now get this thing together and drive it already!
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