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  1. I've done that a few times, but it's a rare occasion I get that hole drilled dead center... 😄
  2. datsunfreak

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    FWIW, we've put B210 axles in a dozen 1200s and never changed the driveshaft.
  3. I usually drill the bolt itself and tap it for the same size as the other fender bolts. 😊
  4. I've just gotten into the habit of turning them the wrong way and breaking the heads off on purpose. Then screwing out what's left from the outside... 😄
  5. datsunfreak

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Will probably have to shorten it? And with non-serviceable joints, that may be tough... I do have the stock manual trans 1200 driveshaft from my car in decent shape if you want it? Should work with that trans...
  6. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    That is pretty much what I was originally going to make, but Kelmo inadvertently gave me the idea to make a rigid one so i did... 😄
  7. datsunfreak

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    That facebook mess is fake Ratsun, yo... 😝 And glad to hear about the recovery going well. 😊
  8. datsunfreak

    Kelmo's Coupe Build(?)

    Very good idea. Definitely need to borrow it. 😎
  9. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    And now I am really curious about what you thought I was making... 😄
  10. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    Actually, you did spell it right... 😄
  11. datsunfreak

    Feng Shui (The 510 Experiment) (All pics are fixed)

    That's how I did mine on the 510. Looks a lot better in my opinion...
  12. datsunfreak

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    And he's back!
  13. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    Yeah, I just went ahead and did 20% on all the windows. Wanted to keep some semblance of rear visibility at night just in case. And... There's this...
  14. datsunfreak

    '62 Falcon Econoline

    So for the cooling issue, Tim has decided the plan is to install an engine driven fan. We got one of the "race car" fans that moves a ton of air. This required the use of a 2" spacer on the fan, as well as moving the radiator back 1" Which meant cutting an inch off the top blockoff panel he made as well... You can also see in that photo the nifty prop rod he made for the doghouse lid... We are currently pulling the transmission to replace the clutch. After that gets sorted, we will give it a drive to see how the fan does. We are expecting to need a shroud as well, but hoping we will get lucky and not need it...
  15. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    I did not put the glass back in yet. See below for explanation... One of the things the previous owner did that has always pissed me off was he cut the turn signal lever down 3". Not sure why, as it just made effort higher and made it harder to use. He did have a dinky little 11" Grant steering wheel in it, though, so... Tim happened upon an old B210 switch we had in the parts stash. I was going to change the whole assembly, but the high beam wiring was hacked into at some point. So I decided to see if you can just exchange the arm itself. You can, but I don't recommend it... 😄 This pic is a bit crap, but you can see it now sits flush with the 13.5" Mooneyes wheel... Now on to the glass saga. I have been going back and forth on whether to tint the windows in the car for a few years now. I thought, "hey I've watched my tint guy tint windows 100 times. How tough can it be?". Turns out, very tough.Very, very tough. 😛 Bought some tint to do the rear window while it was out. Ruined the first roll I bought trying to do it. Then ruined the second roll trying to do it. Then got pissed off and removed every piece of glass in the car except the windshield. I then took all of those to my buddy's tint shop and said " your turn". Picked them up yesterday afternoon and they look awesome. 👍 Should have them all back in on Wednesday...

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