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  1. datsunfreak

    Sightings 2, the not a datsun but... Thread

    Interesting Impala...
  2. I found a box full of NOS seals with part numbers on them, but I don't know what fits what. Know of any good places to look up old part numbers? Google was no help since they all appear to be discontinued... 80839-21004 26183-N2800 76845-22201 76844-22201 80831-N2120 84806-A4600 HO335-89931
  3. datsunfreak

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Maybe most/all were early diffs? Bu we always used the 1200 shaft. We haven't done this swap on the last three for various reasons, not to mention them getting hard to find. I have one more spare diff I'm probably never going to use... 😃
  4. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    Pro tip: if you install a new rear seal/glass, start at the top. When doing the "rope trick", it's common to put the bottom on first and the top last. Due to the shape of the glass, top first is WAY easier...
  5. datsunfreak

    '73 1200 Coupe Project, aka Timmy

    Rear 3 windows back in... Started to install the fronts and realized just how perished the window felts are... I have a few rolls of window felt, so I will replace all that on Saturday, then reinstall the glass. Also while it is all apart, I repainted the black window frames on the doors. 😊
  6. I've done that a few times, but it's a rare occasion I get that hole drilled dead center... 😄
  7. datsunfreak

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    FWIW, we've put B210 axles in a dozen 1200s and never changed the driveshaft.
  8. I usually drill the bolt itself and tap it for the same size as the other fender bolts. 😊
  9. I've just gotten into the habit of turning them the wrong way and breaking the heads off on purpose. Then screwing out what's left from the outside... 😄
  10. datsunfreak

    Draker's 1972 1200 Sedan - "The Pickle"

    Will probably have to shorten it? And with non-serviceable joints, that may be tough... I do have the stock manual trans 1200 driveshaft from my car in decent shape if you want it? Should work with that trans...
  11. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    That is pretty much what I was originally going to make, but Kelmo inadvertently gave me the idea to make a rigid one so i did... 😄
  12. datsunfreak

    Zerow's 610 4-door

    That facebook mess is fake Ratsun, yo... 😝 And glad to hear about the recovery going well. 😊
  13. datsunfreak

    Kelmo's Coupe Build(?)

    Very good idea. Definitely need to borrow it. 😎
  14. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    And now I am really curious about what you thought I was making... 😄
  15. datsunfreak

    What have you done to your 1200 lately

    Actually, you did spell it right... 😄

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