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  1. Boy, would a 3-Litre Z-24 be fun! (Shake like hell, but hey...) This Z-24 in my '85 720 is going to have to come apart, and I'm wondering 'bout screwing it back together with a longer stroke crank/rods/piston combo. With the 24's already big bore, I'd rather add displacement by increasing the stroke, rather than overboring any larger than the minimum standard overbore. Has anyone doped out a Jason Grey-style stroker solution for the 2.4L? This here has to be a doable project: I'm thinkin' offset-ground main and reduced-diameter crankpin journals on the crankshaft, and standard replacement rods and pistons from something else, while maintaining at a minimum 1.5 rod ratio. Eddie
  2. I didn't find this info using the "Search" function, sooooo... Anybody care to get me an Z20-24 engine lenght measurement, back of block (B/H face joint) to fan hub? Extra points for 720 usage! :thumbup: Eddie
  3. Curious about the interchangeability of the earlier 8-valve Z24 2-row timing chain set onto the later 12-vave KA-E--is this doable? I really dislike single-row timing chains (as used on the KA-E). Eddie
  4. HEY...WAIDAMINNIT! (And the noob proceeds to embarass itself :blush: ): Refer to the pic above (way, way above), natural aluminum valve cover. FOUR spark plug wires? I thot the Z-engines used EIGHT? Eddie
  5. 'Preciate the info! I never thot about the possible hydrodynamic qualities of a cast impeller v. a stamped piece...but a cursory glance over the different pics (above) sure showed it: notice the convex/concave and tail shapes of the fins, cast v. stamped. Far more efficient, OEM v. later. I went to O'reilly AP's site, and they had two pumps available: A reman, and a new. Sure enuff, the reman had a cast impeller, the new had the stamped. THANX! One-piece pump/pulley/clutch unit: "Why?"...Well. I guess that has to be one of life's big mysteries. Perhaps they will solve it in the far future. I'll spend many a night, lying wide awake in the wee hours, staring into the dark, wondering...wondering... Eddie
  6. Curiosity kills the noob...well, that plus inability (laziness?) to use the "search" button... :blush: I have different year factory 620/720 service manuals, the earlier ones showing an L-series engine with a conventional separated (1) water pump with flange and studs, (2) drive pulley, (3) fan clutch. The later manuals show various iterations of the NAPS-Z motor, which apparently uses an integrated, non-separable water pump/drive pulley/fan clutch. What gives? Why did Nissan go to the later style? My SWAG is that the one-piece assembly is slightly shorter than the earlier built-up assembly, and that Z-motors used a thicker cam-drive chain case which pushed the earlier assembly into the fan. Eddie
  7. 1. Would someone put up a pic or link to an image of the aluminum piece? 2. Why is the steel version of interest? My thoughts are that the aluminum version can be potentially polished for added visuals--I'm assuming the steel version can painted or chromed or coated or something, likewise for visual effect? Or is there a mechanical reason? Eddie
  8. Check this out: http://www.piercemanifolds.com/product_p/52848.015.htm Work pretty well with a sneaky air filter, no? Eddie, The
  9. I've read Z20/22 engines used aluminum valve covers--will one of these bolt onto the Z24? Eddie
  10. Correct me if I'm wrong (and we WILL, there, Noob--Moderator), but last night I was studying the 1984 Nissan 720 service manual, and the specified valve and seat angles were indeed in three angles...from the factory! (Gasp!) Eddie
  11. MMMMM...fake everybody out with your Hitachi-look Weber..."Sure, yeah, it's stock with the junk '80's electronic feedback carby, let's run for pinks..." Man oh man--THAT there ain't nothin' but pure, unadulterated, no-good, low-down, connivin' black-market pick-pocket sneakery :ninja: ! I LOVES IT!!! Waaaal, I'll see your OE Hitachi/Weber carbonator and raise you one: I'm betting that some enterprising individual could convert that old obsolete carburetor body into a throttle body (only) for the rest of the hidden EFI system. Probably the same dirty rat that hides the nitrous... Eddie
  12. TheEddie

    720 Curb Weight?

    Man, I'm not going to get any more accurate an estimate than THAT, short of running my rig to a scale m'self! Oh, WAIT! You're 10 pounds heavier than me! I guess I'm gonna have to gain 10 . (By Budweiser. Sigh. Such sacrifices I make for the Art :angel: ). Eddie
  13. I, I, I feeeeel better now. My feelings are important and meaningful, or so sez Dr. Phil and Oprah and Judge Judy and all those units that Mama watches and gotta be furreal 'cause they're on TeeVee... Y'know. I thot I came up with a sneaky idea. It turns out that I got out-sneaky-ed by this crowd. Eeek :w00t: . Eddie
  14. Well, crap...(sniff) I thot I wuz doin' something new, and good, and contributing to the general body of knowledge (sniff, snort, whine, WAAAAH!) eddiE
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