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  1. Palmer765s

    Just picked up a 280Z

    great find man expecialy around here (im in PA) good luck with every thing iv had mine for 3 months and I haven't even been able to drive it yet :/
  2. Palmer765s


    I must say every one on here that has a Datsun im seriously jealous of expecialy 510's. just for the simple fact that where I live I have never once seen a 510 anywhere or even come up for sale. it took me 2 months to find my 280z and had to drive 200 miles to get it and trailer it home cwause it didn't run! (still don't :( ). really wish there was some dimes in PA :(
  3. Palmer765s

    l28e idle/ throttle problem

    hey guys just threw my l28 back in my car and got it started but having some problems running the correct ecu it starts then dies soon after I have a 280zx ecu out of a 82 I think it is if I run that then it starts idles but dies if any throttle is applied to it and after a few seconds of running the idle starts going up and keeps going till I kill it. any one got any ideas ? im thinking the rising idle is probly a vac line some where but cant figure out the no response to the idle its all stock...
  4. Palmer765s

    Any RB20 Z's in here ?

    The only problem for me doing the l28et swap is then fact that I can't find one anywhere (the whole s30 and s130 chassis is really rare to find here is PA)
  5. Palmer765s

    Any RB20 Z's in here ?

    OK so if been trying to decide swaps to do and I really don't want to do a v8 (hate american cars) and all ready have every thing for a ka24e single slammer well the motor tranny and all the goodies but I just watched some vids on YouTube of rb20 swapped 240z and it just sounds amazing!!! I know the RB20 doesn't make a ton of power but I not trying to make huge numbers I just want like 250-300 just enough to have some fun every now and then so who's got one !?! Love to study others builds to get an idea on how I wanna go about this or even if I should stick with the ka24. Come on guys !
  6. hey guys iv been researching and still cant really find a stright awnser for my problem. ok here it is, im doing a ka24e swap into my 76 s30 and all i need to buy now is a short throw and gauges but im not sure what tach and speedo to get that fits directly in or with slight mods to fit the factory cluster while still not looking like a advance auto tach..... so guys have any idea where to get a stock-ish looking tach and speedo that fits factory location. thanks guys !
  7. Palmer765s

    New to Ratsun

    Combo of fiberglass mat and bondo
  8. Palmer765s

    why cant there be any clean Z's in PA

    just kinda a rant about the Z status PA. well i found mine from an older guy that was the 2nd owner and it sat for 6 years and he was going through hard times so he had to sell and ever since then my finace loves mine and id love to find another to build for me and give her mine. so i go on the hunt find a 75 280z its been sitting in a guys driveway for 9 years and he refuses to sell it :/ found a 71 240z on CL and guy wants 3k and its a rust bucket looks like it hasent seen a garage in 20 years. wish i lived in cali where these things grow from trees..
  9. Palmer765s

    New to Ratsun

    the day i got it home and washed it :) Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr my Finace taking off the rear wheels for me to help me bleed the brakes :) Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr first thing i did body wise was gut those heavy ass bumpers an smooth out and fill holes :) Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr little gheto bumper i made for inspection out of heavy DOM tubing lol Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr full body in primer bout to be painted Artic White by me Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr cut springs just as a tempoary fix to the the crazy high ride height soon to be sitting on DC2 coilovers ! Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr just a little side project im working on. and yes it is hard wood flooring :) Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr picked up this old set of eniki meshies in 14x8 with 0 offset when i picked up all my ka swap stuff :P cant wait till i get some 15x9s all around with 0 offset Untitled by palmer765s, on Flickr More pics to come repainting the bay this weekend while i have the motor out before it comes time to drop the ka in :)
  10. Palmer765s

    Form > Function S30

    Wow I love this forum :) came for the slammed z and stayed for the Katey perry talk lol Oh and I love your z man seriously huge inspariton on mine I was looking at you feature like every day after I bought mine trying to figure out wheel specs and suspension lol
  11. Palmer765s

    New to Ratsun

    Thanks every one and I know what you mean speed office I'm not sending out the car to a shop so they can do every thing I'll have my hand in a good bit of it if all ready done a lot of body work /shaving with te bumpers and some emblems and plan on painting every thing my self as I have with my other cars in the past when I get home from work this weekend I'll upload pics ! Must say people here are a lot more open minded then hybrid Z
  12. Palmer765s

    New to Ratsun

    Hi all just thought I would throw in some of my info and maybe get some advice from ya guys. My car = 76 Datsun 280Z My progress= gave up on the l28e ( tried for 3 months on trying to get it running) pulled it last weekend and picked up a ka24e. :) I am dead set on this swap so please don't say its a stupid thing to do or you should keep the l28e and turbo it. Im ferry familiar with this motor as I had a 89 Nissan 240sx in the past and I do know their potential and readily availability of aftermarket susport compared to the L motor. Have almost every thing for the swap and I'm having a local shop custom make the motor and tranny mounts instead of buying the McKinney mount kit. Plan on going turbo with it around the end of summer or sooner. Just like to see some positive remarks on my build will post up some pictures once I take some new ones. Thanks all !

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