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  1. I'm thinking of trying Plastikote. How's it hold up?
  2. Even though I spent my High School years working in a body shop prepping and painting cars, most of my automotive paint work has been done with rattle cans. That's because most of my painting only involves painting a fender or spotting in an area after repair. If I were to paint a whole car, I would most likely seek out access to a proper paintbooth, spraygun and compressor. My question is this, which paint does everyone favor, Krylon or Duplicolor? Duplicolor has more options as far as being able to match the color of your car, but I have always felt that Krylon produced a better finish. An
  3. I kinda dig the baby moons. Not the typical look you see on a Datsun. Although, if them be chrome rims under those moons, it might look really rad.
  4. Until a year of so ago, I had an old ratty 72 Chevy pickup. It had headers into glasspacks with pipes that dumped out the side of the bed. The rear sat a bit higher and I had some old mag wheels on it. I got pulled over a few times just because of the whole vibe of that truck. I think I had a tag light out once. I never received a ticket. They would pull me over, ask me a bunch of questions and do a search. One officer was completely perplexed as to why my bench seat didn't fold forward. I told him it was because the gas tank was behind the seat. He didn't believe me until I showed him where t
  5. All I have to offer the OP is, welcome to hot rodding B)
  6. If/when they end the series, they should totally end it all Butch and Sundance like with Brian and Dom going out in a Charger nitrous blazing :D
  7. Ha. I was just looking for a thread on here about these yesterday. I see yours is a Chinook. There's a '78 Toyota/Chinook in my area that a guy is selling. I'm going to go look this week methinks. Wish it was a Datsun though. And those campers are heavier than you'd think. From what research I've done, the Toyotas had rear end problems due to the weight. Although, yours is a Gazelle pop-up, and the ones I'm reading about are the Omega/Newport Surely the Datsun will fair much better :thumbup:
  8. Is it an after the credits type of deal like alot of movies are doing?
  9. Dammit. Somebody could've placed a spoiler alert before announcing the appearance of Jason Statham. I plan on seeing it this week. I personally love them from a guy movie standpoint. Action, cars and hot chicks! They have found the action hero movie for the new millenium. :thumbup:
  10. I've just had limited but good experiences with Hondas. I owned a 1st Gen Civic, a '78 I believe. Honestly, I wish I still had it. It was a fun car. My girlfriend in High School had a 1st Gen CRX. That car was fun as hell to drive. And while I love having a Datsun project car, I'd like to have something like an older Accord as a daily driver. Or even another 1st Gen Civic.
  11. Time on a 71 Kawasaki 100 at the family get together has me itching for a bike again : )

    1. crackerjack69


      I've got a '72 Yamaha 175 I need to get running.

    2. Ranbat


      As a kid there were always plenty of dirt bikes around. I miss those days and riding all those bikes.

  12. Being a fairly new guy, I've noticed lots of Honda hate. Yet, the recent Honda 600 thread seemed to draw lots of enthusiasm. So, is it more of a disdain for a certain set that seems to favor Hondas? Or is it Honda 600s are okay, everything else sucks? What about 1st and 2nd Gen Civics? There are some cool little Hondas out there. Not looking to start a shitstorm. Just wondering if it's more about a group that favors Hondas, or the brand itself.
  13. It's been a Melvins kind of morning.

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    2. DRIVEN


      When is it not?

    3. Guest_kamakazi620


      That bad huh??? I like the Mentors or Gardy Lou...

    4. darrel


      go to bed with scratchy butt, wake up with stinky fingers.


  14. My first High School hot rod was a'66 Chevelle 4-door hardtop. I worked in a body shop and they got it looking pretty good for me. I then wrecked it a few months later. My next car was a '70 Nova with a 3-on-the-tree. I actually gutted the interior for that 'race car' look and left only the buckets and dash. Next came a '74 Camaro with a straight 6. I really wish I had left that in, instead of dropping in the typical 350. My last driver was a '72 Monte Carlo with a 402 Big Block. I stored that car for years and finally sold it a few years ago untouched. I did buy and sell a few cars in additio
  15. I was just making an observation of how things have done a total swap since I was in High School. In my day, Hondas, Toyotas, Datsuns and Subarus were just cars some kids drove to school. Now, it seems that Imports are the 'hot rods' and all the American stuff is just something you drive. I see Camaros, Mustangs, Monte Carlos, Impalas and such, but they're just drivers. I just find it interesting how hot rodding has changed.
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