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  1. I see. Rebello made a pulley /damper with BHJ. The problem with the ati and the three bolts up front is that the shell lines up exactly where the oem water pump and alternator pulleys woud line up. thats what i think ATI meant by "single v belt behind pulley". maybe they redesigned it pushing the damper a little father out with the v belt pulley behind it? putting a pulley in front of the damper would make the pulleys not line up. sadly there is not a lot of information about these out there. I'm going to try and call ATI and if i do put it on my car i will show if it worked or not
  2. Anybody used these? i'm looking at this http://www.summitracing.com/parts/ati-918040/overview/ "The dampers come standard with six outer grooves for standard OEM drive systems. at the ati site it says "singe v-belt behind damper" my stock damper got ripped apart at the rubber part and i'm looking for a new one not a 40 yr old one. My main question is if i can use this with the stock belt to run my water pump and alternator. i have no power steering or ac If anybody has pictures if them using that would be awesome
  3. ^^^ i agree i used a jacked to lower the fuel tank only a little bit to fit my hand in there. you don't have to take thing completely out
  4. I'm coming from LA anybody wanna caravan down there?
  5. i though people called this style still aluminum mags. well they are staggered front to back
  6. I got new wheels today 15x8 -0 edit:tire are 215 50 15
  7. I posted the wrong link. Fixed! the link has pictures
  8. pictures are here http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lac/pts/3786860520.html 200 cash takes all the wheels with tires. I am in the los angeles area. EDIT: Price drop to 200.
  9. I just finished puttting on toyota brakes on the z. So i'll be going tonight. Freeway brake test! I don't care what anyone says about brake bias, master cylinders, blah blah blah. These things stop your car like god is smashing a brick wall into the front of your car. s12+8 stock rotors stock brake lines stock master cylinder. All that is gonna change soon though i doubt its neccesary
  10. i was looking at the ichiba's but the arp's were a but bit longer although a bit pricey. upside i didn't have to wait for shipping because i DD mine to work everyday.
  11. he's right stock is 1.25 and arp is 1.5. who cares lug nuts can be had for 5 bucks for four. i plan on doing the rears too. ill update if i succeed.
  12. This is my first topic posting in a forum. just testing out the waters... I put in extended wheel studs from ARP today. pretty straight forward. Just wanted to show what i used since people want to know what to use. The nismo ones seemed kinda pricey/hard to get, and they were shorter. Got these from Pep boys. I used ARP 100-7708 they are 2.5 inches long and you have to get 12x1.5 lug nuts. The hardest part was splitting the brake rotor from the hub. you can see one the old ones to compare. Btw one of the old snapped off which is why i'm replacing all of them. So much easier to put on a wheel now. ARP also has the same knurl but like 3 or 3.5 inch long ones too if you guys are intersted. and yes you can use these for the rear. just get new lug nuts
  13. The last meet had a pretty good turnout. Just wasn't too many datsuns... Come on out guys! I thought everybody was pretty mature. The cops came and said on the announcer that the first friday was no longer a meet. Buuut.. i don't think that matters. This is probably the best meet i've been too other than the huge best buy meet they have once a year. Bring out the Datsuns! Represent!
  14. I got a msa ceramic 6-1. Love it and love the sound. Installed it in my garage but one thing is the msa 6-1 doesn't have too much ground clearence. the 6-2 cuts off earlier so you can just fab something up that will clear. I had to raise my car because i couldn't get up my driveway. but the 6-1 was definetly hassle free to install and the ceramic's held up pretty well so far.
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