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  1. GaryDagat

    POST Craigslist eBay ads here...

    just came across this and had to post it! http://losangeles.craigslist.org/lgb/cto/3877773402.html haha i troll CL all day looking for a 510 and i see this ... hahaha
  2. GaryDagat

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    Good times at Canby although I was only there for Saturday morning :/ Anyways I still didn't find anyone selling their 510... so... the search continues! anyways one selling PM me!!! WTB!
  3. GaryDagat

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    Made it!!!! Who is selling their 510? This noob is buying :) !
  4. GaryDagat

    Bay Body Shop Recommendations

    *confusion... damn you auto correct!!
  5. GaryDagat

    Bay Body Shop Recommendations

    Haha I am just seeing the responses now I am in the bay area (San Jose USA) headed to canby and looking at a 510 to buy... I am surprised that my post cause this congestion.... :P
  6. GaryDagat

    Bay Body Shop Recommendations

    any help ? :confused:
  7. Hi All, I am considering purchasing a 510 2dr with some rust on the both rear quarter panels and rockers, I have some images of the rust: http://imgur.com/up6vv7C http://imgur.com/3qU9UQe http://imgur.com/XWvcked http://imgur.com/DkL0fY9 http://imgur.com/qACaxjK I wanted to know if there is a recommended body shop in the bay area that I can talk to, to get an idea of how much it would cost to get the rust repaired. This is so I know how much I am in for before I go buying the car... Thanks! - see you all at Canby!
  8. GaryDagat

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    Pumped! Ohio --> San Jose --> Canby! Wife Approval - Check Flight Ticket - Check Rental Car - Check Hotels - Check Now I just got to buy myself a 510! I guess if I can't find one I can start stocking up on parts :) See you all there! I'll be the Noob with a WTB name tag :)
  9. GaryDagat

    Canby 2013: Where Wet Dreams Come From

    Trip Approved! I'm headed to Canby!... but I still don't have a 510 :( ... Be at Canby making cash offers if anyone is selling :)
  10. Hi All, Anyone heard of these guy? ET Performance/NICAS Performance ?? Someone is trying to sell me a 510 that supposedly had work done by ET Performance/NICAS Performance but I can't seem to find much on Google.. Thanks, Gary
  11. GaryDagat

    Danfiveten's Preserved 510 (yes finally revealing)

    car looks amazing...
  12. GaryDagat

    Kelvin Dietz

    i just got a hold of Kelvin via email :) thanks all! The car I'm looking into is Gensaiken's silver 510 http://community.ratsun.net/topic/10777-considering-selling-my-silver-510/?p=143611
  13. GaryDagat

    Kelvin Dietz

    cool thanks for all the feedback! I sent him (or someone also name Kelvin Dietz that likes datsuns) a PM on facebook.. no feedback :P anyways i'll keep poking!
  14. GaryDagat

    Kelvin Dietz

    Hi All, I'm looking at buying a 510 that supposedly had a lot of work done by Kelvin. So I wanted to know, does any one know how to get a hold of him? Thanks!
  15. GaryDagat

    WTB 1st 510 - 2 DR - $6000 to $8000+

    Bump Bump! almost fell into page 2!! :devil: still looking for my first dime!! :thumbup:

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