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  1. I love it, bagging mine also. Are you using toyota front suspension?
  2. Thanks, You're right. Then, by the time I even get this thing in a condition where I could drive it, I'll probably have the SR put together. So I'm thinking I'll just put my time into that. But I may try it just to do it. :P Thanks, Will
  3. Well the plan is to clean things up in the engine bay since i'm "minitruckin" it. I'm shortening the steering column and converting over to R&P so there isn't room for all the mess for the column shift. I was thinking of doing this until I get an SR20 swap figured out. Will
  4. I'm thinking about fabbing up some sort of mechanism to convert to a floor shift. Since the truck isn't running, I have no idea what the shift pattern even is. I was wondering if anyone knew what the positions of the arms on the transmission is in each gear. Or if there's any parts from another vehicle that can accomplish this, that would be awesome too. Thanks, Will
  5. Has anyone converted over to the whole spindle? I'm wanting to do this to get rid of the mess that is the whole kingpin, bushing setup. Will the Hardbody arms bolt on without throwing the geometry off? I was planning on building some arms, but I'm lazy, and if I can just pick some up from the junk yard I'm going to do that. :P Thanks, Will
  6. After a LONG time searching for a driver fender and not coming up with squat, I had my girlfriend's uncle take a whack at fixing them. I got this picture from him today.
  7. I've found an original, but I haven't gotten a chance to put it on the motor and see if I can get it running. I may end up doing a modern engine swap, so I might not even worry about it. Will
  8. Hey guys, I'm trying to get this turn signal switch in working order. It is very hard to switch and it wont return when you turn the wheel. Is their any info on rebuilding one of these or a source for new ones? Will
  9. I wouldn't say I'm east coast. I live east of the Mississippi, but not by much. :P
  10. Got the cab and bed taken off in preparation for the new air suspension work. Put the can on the ground and mocked up the front end for motivational purposes. :P
  11. Well, thought I had a grille, but haven't heard from the guy in over a week. So still in need of parts.
  12. I've tried the classifieds. Not to much traffic for these 320s over there.
  13. Still on the hunt for a driver fender and grille for my 64'. Hit several dead ends the past few months. Someone please help. Will
  14. I emailed you about the driver fender but haven't gotten a response. Let me know what you'd want for it. wjd70363(at)yahoo.com Will
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