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  1. Thanks for your comments, actually is the U.S. model that was imported to Mexico in the 80s...
  2. More pictures... new windshield Interiors... A14 engine...
  3. I have quite some time with this problem, the engine vibrates too besides emit a strong, foul smell raw gasoline (all this happens after the choke is fully open). This failure seems like a disconnected vacuum hose, plus a spark plug failure My father and I e have disassembled and three times being only the first when I run in an "acceptable" we put new seals, nozzle and needle feed and still does not work properly (it acquired five years ago my B310 and I never caused these problems). loo and took it to a workshop and the result was worse. If you could help them greatly appreciate it! -What e noticed is that the top of the carburetor is stained with what looks like a combination of gasoline and oil burning (in the photos not seen since a couple of days cleaning the carburetor to see if the fault would disappear) -The fuel level is observed right through the small window is correct -No vacuum hoses disconnected -The spark plugs are new -The spark plug wires are in good condition -The distributor cap (electronic) is not cracked
  4. Thank you all for your comments! spirits of giving me move forward with my project. My plans are to restore this car but has a touch of my personality! To clean the engine was necessary to remove the rest of the car because it had a huge amount of oil leaks everywhere. I had to put all new gaskets and then wash all gasoline powered and wire brush as the oil layer was too thick with dust! Still have too much detail I should gradually fix such as windshield glass (the original is broken), the dash (just remove it for repair as it is full of cracks), and some other minor details. Thanks for your feedback! and as soon as it advances in the project is the show you! .... Ahhhhh almost forgot @ King bee66 that 710 is of Mexican manufacturing so it has some aesthetic changes to the 710 as American as are the bumpers (the smaller Mexican) and front grille. Here in Mexico, its original name is 160J
  5. EdgarB310


    wow your datsun looks very very classic! Congratulations are in impeccable condition! Here in Mexico this model is known as 160J
  6. this is my project 79 Datsun 210 Sport Wagon (B310)
  7. wow very good project! Great all motor work! I have a question, as it removed the button that controls the intensity of the interior lights? which is located on the left side of the steering wheel on the dashboard.
  8. Hello, yesterday I started to disassemble the entire dashboard of my 79 210 and I need to have repaired several cracks in the top, but for that you need to remove the entire instrument panel and the glove box which I did with no problem, But the intensity control knob interior lights will not go out, and try pulling it, trying to unscrew it from behind and in front and nothing, it broke even in one such attempt which annoyed me a lot! Now do not get to do this because it is the only button missing disarm to remove the instrument panel and access the screws holding the sponge that is cracked. You have tried??? I need advice please! thanks!
  9. Thanks for your feedback! I'm still changing some details like the wheels, to be exact since I have three sets of wheels... These are the original wheels, brought them since it left the factory. I put the paint and the chrome rings factory, but not the style I really like. My Sunny - 210 (B310) SW and the 160J - 710 of a friend. But surfing the internet I found a kind of wheels that I really liked its design and style that gave the car. Immediately I began to look around the city until I found them. The Datsun 210 was wearing one of the same year as my car, I decided to buy them to own the car, who quickly agreed and for a very economical price. and this was the result after painting them patiently. European plate is because I am a big fan of Europe, although the car has nothing to do with that continent. The engine and transmission are original, has not been repaired since it does not require it. The transmission is the original 5-speed the engine and transmission had to be taken to put their new packaging because I had oil leaks everywhere. It is clean and paint (unfortunately no pictures taken at the time) and this was the result Before After
  10. Hi I am new to this and I want to show pictures of my project. is a 1979 Datsun 210 Wagon sport that my grandfather gave me four years ago and since then I've been slowly restoring. Even has several details that will gradually fixing ire. A greeting and I hope you like my project (and by the way excuse my English but my native language is Spanish). after painting polished paint, tinted windows and moldings
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