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  1. I am smiling knowing just how far you've come since seeing you in the hospital. Keep fighting champ and I hope to see you soon. I talked to John M and let him know about your progress also. He is super stokedas well. :thumbup:
  2. So far no interest in this car? I have a few of the missing items from the pictures IE: the front passenger door handle and the tail light lenses. I also have the rear deck handle. HMU with questions you may have. I am trying to buy back my 1st 510 and need the money to make the transaction happen.
  3. Sold! I have to make room and need to sell this running wagon quick. No doubt its a fixer, but it does run. This would be a great project for an enthusiastic buyer.Make me an offer I can't refuse. e-mail me or call dreadni@hotmail.com or 562-818-1270. Serious inquires only please! $1400. Sorry for the confusion, it's a stocker with an L16 thats an automatic. I have a 4 speed manual that you can have with the purchase if desired. http://www.flickr.com/photos/dreadni/8436999976/in/photostream
  4. 1971 Datsun 510 Wagon with VG30. 15" Ronal Turbo wheels Honda seats, power windows. Needs a new home. $3700 562-818-1270 or dreadni@hotmail.com Sold. image(4) by dreadni, on Flickr image(3) by dreadni, on Flickr image by dreadni, on Flickr image(1) by dreadni, on Flickr image(2) by dreadni, on Flickr
  5. John, the guy 72Nismo is talking about is the best game in town. He is very honest and very good and reliable. He stands behind his work and is easy to get a hold of. I know alot of the cars he has done and also know first hand that he has repaired alot of poorly done swaps by others. He is a stand up guy that I have no hesitation to put my reputation behind. I currently own the first car in the picture (Orange Wagon with a KA24DET swap) that is a daily driver. You cant go wrong using John. :thumbup: PM me and I can help you get in touch with him, he is in Fullerton.
  6. The best way is to go OEM/NOS from Rods Datsun parts @ http://www.rodsdatsun.com/.
  7. Sorry guys, I haven't been on the web much lately. I have been messing with my 66 Chrysler Town and Country. I have not sold my goon yet, and unless someone makes me a really good offer, I will keep it. Every time I drive it, It feels good and I feel good.
  8. Dat521, What is the chance that you will give me the tow bar back from that wagon that you and your dad promised me when I sold you that goon? It has been a couple of years and the last time I asked you said naw. I made a deal with your dad and mom to sell you the car cheap because I thought you were going to finish the project off knowing your dad is a painter. The car looks exactly the same as when I sold it to you except for a few decals you added. Call me @ 562-818-1270 to let me know if you have changed your mind. You can even post your decision as well. Thanks. Freddie
  9. hey man i got a 4dr 510 with a ka in it. its having idle issues, and wot issues, i fixed a couple vacuum leaks and tested maf and tps, both were good, along with timing cam timing(i think) coil voltage, plugs, injectors and thats all i can think of. i got a afr too and at idle it goes super lean then super rich im in the dark help me!

  10. Is'nt that a price in the header? Jus sayin. Pics would be nice.
  11. Give me a call, I have had 2 notches in my day. A third would make a Tri-fecta.
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