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  1. Rusty paint jobs?? Fender mirrors?? 😂 And wheel flairs?? And fins ?? What the f$#k happened I was only gone for 10 years...  

  2. corey got a 83 Nissan 720 kingcab

    1. I'm BLUE

      I'm BLUE

      Jamie's gotta gun....

    2. flatcat19


      I thought Janie had the gun. Jamie does too?

  3. I need a datsun

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    2. MicroMachinery


      We've missed you.

    3. Ni10
    4. 78kingcab


      Thx micro. Think ill start lurkin around again see if I can find myself another 620 or 510

  4. havent bought anything yet, just some parts

  5. yo h to the izzel, just wanted to say happy b-day man,sorry a lil late.....

  6. you are a robot.......that is why your old lady wont marry you, cause she is scared she will come home to find you fucking the toaster.....

  7. how shot is yours....does it turn

  8. why is it sooo perfect? WHY??

  9. when your ready for cookies ,you know where to find the big guy......

  10. did skib like driving the ka 510......hhhmmmm..

  11. its hellacool with me....and kinda jdm yo

  12. just drinking margaritas and banging senoritas

  13. till i run out of cars..lol the s10 is gangster

  14. why thank you......evil barney is a pimp..

  15. hey dick sucker , i called no answer

  16. well i got myself a couple 510 projects right now ...lets hook up so you can check um out....you no me might not have um in the morning...lol you gotta drive my red one...you can check out my threads on them ...under my signature is links.....

  17. no prob man its nice to see a young guy excited about his dime....glad to here you got most of what you need....let me know if i can help out in any way......show these guys whats up.....

  18. your a fucking @#$%&*(^#@!

  19. damn it it was to say first one i ever made...lol oh well it early for me

  20. oh ya hope you liked your cake, irst one i ever made(put frosting on)...lol

  21. happy b-day skrilla, i know it was yesterday but i fell asleep b4 i wrote this

  22. yo rikki how ya doing...its been a long time , we should hook up ...

  23. i just wanted to be cool like you.....

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