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  1. thanks for the replys, i am however looking for somthing driveable with little to no work needed to make it a reliable daily driver... at work now, will look up this 510keeper guy tonight
  2. ANYONE WANNA BUY MY LEFT NUT FOR $15K... I MIGHT EVEN THROW IN THE RIGHT ONE AS WELL what i wouldnt give to own this sexy hunk o machine!!!
  3. 69 cause i like the dash, 70 cause thats the year i was born. but im honestly open to any 69-73 2 door for the right price...
  4. a 72 datsun 510 was my first car. ive owned a total of 3 (69, 71, 72) and have found myself losing sleep longing for the old days... just a feeler to see what may be available anywhere near the sacramento area, and for how much... ive allready started a 510 fund and am even considering selling my street bike to help it along a little. really looking for a 69 or 70, and 2 door only. ultimatly id like to do a sr20det race car and have a daily driver as well. anyways, im MIKE. looking forward to meeting some of you soon!
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