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  1. The T3 micro kit for the 510 struts uses 280zx rotors with a spacer/adapter.
  2. Over the years I have used two shops in the Bay Area: Roger Kraus Racing in Castro Valley West Coast in Concord I’m sure there are more which would work fine, these are just the ones I used. Not sure how they compare to Troy for cost.
  3. The event is postponed due to COVID-19 gathering restrictions
  4. https://www.revolutionelectronics.com/Products/Fuel_Pump.html I have thought about trying this simple controller for my fuel pump. I like the prime feature. Works off similar concepts people were discussing here.
  5. I don’t know, I didn’t see it on the site either. I think last year was $50/car with a passenger.
  6. BRG510

    Post 510's

    The photo was taken out in front of the Refresh60 shop... Here are a few more...
  7. Nice feature... http://www.speedhunters.com/2014/03/a-datsun-520-pickup-players-style/
  8. BRG510

    GOONS check in

    @Son_of_a_Datsun_Guy... I believe they are stock Corvair rims with baby moon hubcaps. They rims have GM stamped near the bolt pattern and are 13x5.5”.
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