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  1. 720LA

    Turn signal switch

    Thanks all. I'm encouraged by K_trip's comments. Think that's how I'll spend my Friday off work. Maybe I can repair it. If not, I'll hit all the local pick-a-part yards. Happy holiday to all.
  2. 720LA

    Turn signal switch

    I'm wondering if anyone knows an alternative to buying an exact replacement for the turn signal switch. They're so damned expensive and my 1980 720 has a bad one. It's the non-intermittent, non- cruise control. I'm not really worried about authenticity. Right now it sort of works because I have a rubber band supplying a little bit of pull toward the dashboard. But I always have to remember to turn the left signal off. I'm pretty sure I can figure out a separate switch for the high beams.But finding an aftermarket turn signal switch that would fit the steering column might be kind of challengi
  3. Yes it really is getting about ten, and it's entirely possible that its a combination of things. You mentioned stuck open thermostat? Its got no thermostat in it. Would that impact gas mileage? Very interesting. I also read somewhere that an exhaust leak before the catalytic convertor can have an impact similar to a vacuum leak which is interesting. Maybe I better start fixing things one at a time and see what effects the way it runs and the gas mileage. I'll post each time I get some stuff done and let you know what the results are just for posterity.
  4. Another good point. The plugs have been in long enough now so that I should be able to check that out. I'll check that tonight and maybe adjust the valve clearance and take a good look at the ignition circuit wiring to look for iffy connections. Thanks for staying in touch on this.
  5. Thanks a lot for taking the time to try to help. I'm still baffled though. New plugs, wires, cap and rotor. Fuel level looks good when running (maybe even slightly low,) choke is open when warm, timing could be retarded by at most 1 or 2 degrees but I'm sure it wouldn't be enough to make it run this bad. Vacuum advance works. I can smell gas but not raw gas - it just smells like it's running really rich, and it's probably just because I've got some exhaust leak and rusted out floorboards so I'm just getting exhaust smell. (I haven't wanted to spend money on the exhaust until I can be sure I c
  6. Hi all, My L20B engine runs awful, and I'm not sure if the problem is electrical or if it's fuel. I'm leaning toward carburetor issues though, because it also gets less then 10 mpg. The only reason I was even thinking that it might be electrical is that sometimes it cuts out like the spark gets interrupted. But from reading up on this site about how the carb works I think maybe the BCDD Solenoid is stuck and is constantly enriching the air and fuel. Does that make sense? But for the price of that solenoid I could buy real estate in NYC! What the hell! Anyone know any way to solve it that is
  7. I would like to try this mod for practical reasons. I'm not sure my matchbox works. the truck has multiple problems. One of them is that it feels like it's losing sparking intermittently. I'm thinking if I can try a different module cheaply it might be a good way to figure out if my module is bad. Does anyone know how to wire it up to take the place of a matchbox?
  8. Hello everyone, I'm wondering if anyone can tell me how to replace my matchbox with the Chevy module. I've got a 1980 720 with the L20B that has only four plugs and the matchbox dizzie. After hearing about this mod I did an image search for the HEI module and I see several variations on the number of prongs that they have. I see one that has only two prongs. Would that work? Would love it if it increased the spark a little bit - especially if it saved money over buying a replacement matchbox. thanks, Scott
  9. Thanks to all. Having access to the workshop manual is really a great resource!
  10. Does anyone know if this mod would work on my 1980 L20B in my 720? I'd really like to try it. Mine is barely running now and I don't want to spring for the price of the matchbox module if I can avoid it. Thanks for any advice anyone can offer. Scott
  11. Thank you all. I think I am going to buy one from a newer year now that I've read all your comments. Even if there is something or other that I have to modify, as long as the basic shape and dimensions are the same I don't mind a little extra work to get clean gas into my carb. Alright! Thanks!
  12. Hi all, My gas tank on my 1980 720 is a mess. I've worked on a motorcycle tank before and actually cut it in half, welded a big patch in one half and welded it back together. But it was a lot - and I mean a lot - of work. I'd rather not do that with my pickup's tank but I have to do something and I can't find a replacement. I can only find them for 1982 or 1983 and newer. Come to think of it I'm not sure they were Kingcabs, which mine is. I think mine is approximately an 11 gallon tank which is making it kind of hard to find anything similar. Everything looks like it's just a little too big.
  13. Hi everyone, I have a rough 1980 720 King cab and I would love to start making some real progress on its many many issues. I mean, this thing has really got some issues. Actually some of it's issues have their own issues. The wiring is a complete mess and I'd like to - one circuit at a time - start getting everything working nicely. In order to replace the blower motor circuit, I need to figure out where in the circuit everything belongs. I've looked at wiring diagrams but they don't really give me an accurate understanding of how to simply replace the whole circuit, which is really the route
  14. Thanks for the replies. Much appreciated.
  15. Hi, I have a relatively rust-free 1980 720 that needs a ton of work. I think I want to keep it though, for all the obvious reasons. It's light, easy to drive, great visibilty and there's just something about it that's adorable. Having said that, the gas tank is really pissing me off. It was full of rust. I did the nuts and bolts and shaking and draining and doing it again and doing it again thing. That was exhausting! Put it back together and then found multiple pinhole leaks. Cleverly plugged em with screws and rubber washers. That worked. But I have two fuel filters - the original by
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