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  1. loungin112

    Datsun Bluebird Nirvana-- My Visit to Tokyo-2U

    Great story. I feel like there is more to tell though...perhaps why your friend is so drawn to bluebirds and Datsuns. May i suggest...finish the story, include some promo for you and your friend's business in there somewhere, and approach BAT about running the story on their site. This stuff is prefect for car-geeks and will serve as promo in many ways.
  2. loungin112

    Datsun 510 ka24de motor for sale

    first post is a classified? Sketchy.
  3. loungin112

    Arduino + Raspberry Pi = 510 Telemetry System

    I'm going to have to Google quite a few terms in order to fully understand. But, I'm worried that once i do, i will want to jump down the rabbit hole and my to-do list for the 510 will grow exponentially. That, and my general interest in things is fragmented already...i guess the world is just too big and interesting to stop learning.
  4. I plan on doing a KA24DE-T build at some point. Here in the rockies, our pump gas only goes up to 91. So, E85 presents itself as a valid option for a turbo build. Any thoughts on how E85 plays with high altitude? Also, how does E85 work with Cunifer lines? Would this material standup to the corrosiveness of E85? Thanks
  5. loungin112

    L20b compatible Carbs

    Seems the intake manifold is what makes the difference as to whether it will "mate" to the head or not. If you have the right manifold, you could put anything onto an L20, L18, L16, Xyz123, etc.
  6. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    Definitely interested. I'm in Colorado 80138. Can you provide some details on the head...shaved, needs work, etc? $? Thanks for reaching out....giving me hope at the very least.
  7. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    Yo ed...you don't want that u67...send it this way...
  8. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    The search for a rebuildable head continues. Thought i had one, but my builder says no go...po had the valve seats glued? Valves have too much play. Can't be rebuilt. Wall art. Anyways....running out of funds and patience for this l20. If you have a u67 to sell, let me know.
  9. The base 2.4L came in a lot of different vehicles. In NA form, they were rather uninspiring. NA came in 4-door Stratus/Cirrus, Minivans, PT Cruisers. Turbo came in the PT Cruiser GT, Neon SRT4, and 4-door Stratus/Cirrus from Mexico. I sorta recall some minivans from Mexico having the turbo version as well....not sure though. The 2-door Stratus/Cirrus are totally different vehicles as they were a collaboration with Mitsubishi on the Eclipse platform. What I'm trying to say is that the 2.4L can be found readily and pretty cheap in NA form...probably turbo form as well since they were frequently wrapped around trees.
  10. loungin112

    Oil Cooler Locations

    Get ratty with it...cut some louvers in the hood and mount it to the underside of the hood! But really, I've been thinking of what to do as I want to go this route one day too. I was thinking on the passenger fender with a mounting to match the contour of the fender...leaves the possibility of utilizing an electric fan that can switch on with a thermo switch. A picture of your engine compartment could help think of ideas.
  11. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    Part number I ordered look to be the part needed....got 5 in my possession now. The welds on the head didn't take, so I'm having to try an rebuild another one. Thought the one I bought was a solid head, but it turns out it was shaved a bit before....shaved unevenly unfortunately. The guy rebuilding the head thinks it will work though. Keeping my fingers crossed. Not quite sure what to do with the old head...any suggestions?
  12. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    Thanks for the offer. I'll let you know if they are needed.
  13. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    That is the part number i ordered. I get them today and will compare with the one i have on hand.
  14. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    Because i never have any luck with local nissan dept. The furthest back they could, or would, check is back to 1983. They found a part number for a 280z...figured i would give it a shot since it is still an l series engine and they were only $1.25 each. Will report back on whether they are the same as an l20b.
  15. loungin112

    Another smoking L20b

    Anyone know where I can find a set of these? I only have one...so I need another. If you have one, let me know how much to drop it into an envelope and USPS mail it. (I've checked the usual sources...ebay, amazon, autoparts stores, etc...)

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