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    1976 620 chevy v6,350 turbo,9 inch
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  1. polmec

    Fiberglass 620 dash

    Does anyone know how to get in touch with the guy making the fiberglass dash for the 620? I have tried emails that I saw nothing seems to work.
  2. HI everyone................I lost the little clip that goes on the top of the gas pedal to hold the throttle cable. Does anyone know where I can get one? I have looked at the wrecking yards and they are already taken. Thanks
  3. Do you still need smog parts?
  4. Who was it that made the top weld on bracket to install coil over shocks on a 620, and are they still available?
  5. polmec

    74 620 V8 Swap

    Look up powerbyace.com he has EVERYTHING you willneed
  6. polmec

    4.3 Vortec swap

    Legal swap? What do you mean by that??
  7. Please keep us (me) posted. I have wanted to do this also. I have a 76 short bed standard cab. Thanks
  8. polmec

    4.3 Vortec swap

    Yeah that might be me. Was the truck green? https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Little-Green-Datsun-Truck/550674651609739?fref=ts
  9. polmec

    4.3 Vortec swap

    I have a 76 with a 4.3 it is real easy just go to powrebyace.com here is a picture of mine. If you have any questions just ask. I am not here often but I check my e mail. The truck runs 11.70 @ 110 1/4 mile 7.24 @ 92 in the 1/8 mile. It is a fairly easy swap I didnt have much trans tunnel work to do I have a turbo 350 automatic.
  10. I have a nine inch rear end and I removed the tortion bars and use coil over shocks in the front.
  11. Here is my 76 620 with a chevy 4.3 v6,turbo 350 nine inch rear end Here is an older video where my daughter is driving it http://i941.photobucket.com/albums/ad258/polmec/th_Amber1a_zps287a070d.mp4 It runs mid 11's and is street driven
  12. If you register it as an HISTORIC VEHICLE you won't have to smog it anymore, after the initial registration. I have a 1976 620 with a v6 and have not smogged it for about 6 years. Anything 30 years old and older qualifies. STIPULATION. You are supposed to only drive to shows,parades etc. but I have never been stopped.
  13. polmec

    620 rac and pinion

    I drive it on the street
  14. polmec

    620 rac and pinion

    The truck runs 7.34 in 1/8 @ 90 mph or 11.80 @ 107 in 1/4 with 1.52 60 ft. And is street driven on pump gas. Times w/ stock bottom end. Big fat blazer won't do that.
  15. polmec

    620 rac and pinion

    I have a v6 and the box and steering shaft is in the way of the headers and I would like to lose some more weight.
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