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  1. Like so but please but some power behind it first
  2. A hammer to expand the tunnel just a hair and a die grinder to move the shifter hole, I'll get some pictures later this week to show what was done
  3. It's fine got it figured out! Go see my thread in project datto
  4. It's a 1995 240sx tranission and the driveshaft had to be cut shorted and have the 240sx driveshaft yoke welding onto the end, since original shaft bolts to the output shaft and the 240sx trans splines in
  5. Must say I'm a mechanic not a painter, or tape'r for that matter I've stripped the paint on those lights and window trim, paint bled through the tape I used (learned my lesson on cheap tape)
  6. Trans mount I used a custom crossmember made by a local shop, and when I took those pictures there was a small gap so I lifted it back up and realigned it took some effort but it's corrected now
  7. Hopefully z chopper will chime in on this thread but he is the one who told me to use the factory motor brackets and sure enough they worked! Can really say much else besides that it did take some wiggling and lifting it up and back down a few times but it went in there, and transmission is a 5speed and as far as the oil pan, nothing was done there to get it to clear just went right in, motor was out of a 95' 240sx, I thought the front sump pans didn't have any problems? Thought it was only the rear sump d22 pick-up KA's and as far as the paint go's it's not rattle can but it's not professionall either, I went to harbor freight bought a paint gun and two quarts of paint and that was the result, first time painting a whole truck, later on it will be professionally painted
  8. That's correct factory mounts and lowered it right down into place
  9. Hey everyone just thought id come to share my project with everyone and give some insight and answer questions people may have on certian topics going to go through from day one i bought it to present day, Enjoy! this is the only picture i had to go by when i bought it purchased off craigslist for 600 bucks! not to bad and what it looked like when it got delivered very first thing i did put a battery in it and test out electrical all the lights worked! surprise since it had been sitting for over 9years and the engine it started with power starved L16 put a basic 32/36 weber and all electronic ignition and fired right up! (but did leak alot of oil) go figure next started body work and of course yellow high beams couldnt resist body was mostly rust free but the bed Next was paint wheels and dropping it at this point i started driving it daily only a matter of time aaannnddd BOOM goes the radiator shortly followed by head gasket *sigh* rebuilt engine all new seals, 3 core alluminum radiator, water pump, etc. etc. little truck putted right along happily for months till my foot got power hungry and wanted moreeeee sooo KA24 it was and probally most common ill receive THE MOUNTS I USED WERE THE FACTORY KA24 240SX MOTOR MOUNT BRACKETS hope you enjoyed the pictures!
  10. yes it was the horid L16 but i"ll take the 521 mounts how much do you want for them?
  11. motor on the stand ready to go! :thumbup:
  12. http://i315.photobucket.com/albums/ll479/Michael158/1394780_739251366090671_1609174710_n.jpg ill try the mounts! or if you still have those 521 mounts!
  13. NITRQ

    front wheel bearings

    http://www.coachmotor.com/ShopByVehicle.epc?q=1970-NISSAN/DATSUN-Pickup--521-L4--1595cc--1.6l--2--Bbl--Vin--L16&yearid=1970%40%401970&makeid=60%40%40NISSAN%2FDATSUN%40%40B&modelid=1559%40%40PICKUP%20521&engineid=14340@@L4-1595cc%201.6L%202%20BBL%20Vin%20L16@@14340&catid=4@@Brake%2FWheel%20Bearing&subcatid=67@@Front%20Wheel%20Bearings%20and%20Seals&mode=PA front bearings
  14. NITRQ

    front wheel bearings

    anyone can give me some step by step procedures on how to do the front wheel bearings? pictures would be very helpful too! thanks in advance
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