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  1. Can anyone tell me where to find a magnetic drain plug for my tranny? Thanks. Are all drain plugs on 5 speeds the same?
  2. Thanks. I'll lookin that direction.
  3. Hi folks, I need a boss adapter for a new steering wheel. Does anyone know the diameter and spline count on the 521? Thanks in advance.
  4. Whoa Nelly. Your TDC mark on the crank pulley is the SECOND notch (slightly larger), NOT the first on as you photographed...
  5. Color code request was for the '70 521.. Thanks in advance.
  6. Can you do me a favor? What's the color code for your truck. It's by the radiator.. Thanks.
  7. Afraid so… Can you read the COLOR NO.________ ?
  8. Can you read the paint code up by the radiator??
  9. Orientation has to do with looking at the engine from the front of the car. NOT..
  10. Marysville, California ???
  11. You say you replaced the oil pump shaft, BUT the broken piece looks like it's off the dist shaft...
  12. Advice.. Know your jets; find out what you have in each of the carburretors so you can relay that to the professional you seek advice from.. There would be a basic starting point (sizes of all jets, emulsion tubes, etc.) where you need to be. Once you have that info, post it here. There's no use guessing where to go.
  13. I have two 4-speeds here in Napa if you want one... Just saw the post on the 7th..
  14. Ratwagon1600... I would seriously suggest you change the return spring of the windshield wiper motor to the linkage. You have created a bridge from the motor to the body of your vehicle via the carburetor transverse rod... Perhaps instead you could isolate the carburetor transverse rod and linkage then place the return spring on the engine.
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