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  1. 348269839_IdleandProgressive.png.d0b4dd00d18edcd2bd07a11eef8b9f33.png

    It's important to see that in 'idle' that the emulsified fuel is a combination of the flow from the idle jet mixture and the addition of air introduced through the progression holes. During progression the emulsified fuel is only from the idle jets and therefor it is richer.


    2 Idle and Progressive 2.png

    1. mainer311


      Yeah, I understand all of this. The problem is that my butterflies are far enough away from the first progression hole that I get a lean flat spot right at throttle tip-in. My idle is already set to 900rpm, and I don’t want to open the butterflies further. I don’t really see any other solution.

    2. mainer311


      My idle jets are 55’s and are at 1.5 turns out, so I’m fairly certain they’re close, if not correct already. I tried 60’s and it just made things overly rich.

  2. I see three things here to address. First, the side electrode is worn down so much that it isn't over the center electrode and the edges are rounded instead of squared off. Second, the center electrode is similarly worn and rounded. Both of those contribute to an excessive gap with poor ionization properties. Third, the fouling on the threads would suggest that the plugs are too long and extending too far into the cylinder. All in all this is not going to give you a good spark for that good burn. Unburnt fuel is the source of the fouled plugs and the stinky exhaust. Buy the right plugs and che
  3. Can anyone tell me where to find a magnetic drain plug for my tranny? Thanks. Are all drain plugs on 5 speeds the same?
  4. Thanks. I'll lookin that direction.
  5. Hi folks, I need a boss adapter for a new steering wheel. Does anyone know the diameter and spline count on the 521? Thanks in advance.
  6. Whoa Nelly. Your TDC mark on the crank pulley is the SECOND notch (slightly larger), NOT the first on as you photographed...
  7. Color code request was for the '70 521.. Thanks in advance.
  8. Can you do me a favor? What's the color code for your truck. It's by the radiator.. Thanks.
  9. Afraid so… Can you read the COLOR NO.________ ?
  10. Can you read the paint code up by the radiator??
  11. Orientation has to do with looking at the engine from the front of the car. NOT..
  12. You say you replaced the oil pump shaft, BUT the broken piece looks like it's off the dist shaft...
  13. Advice.. Know your jets; find out what you have in each of the carburretors so you can relay that to the professional you seek advice from.. There would be a basic starting point (sizes of all jets, emulsion tubes, etc.) where you need to be. Once you have that info, post it here. There's no use guessing where to go.
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