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    I have an l16 engine and trans that I'm selling. Recently did spark plug wires, spark plugs, cap and rotor and replaced clutch kit. Comes with ermish racing headers. My carb went out and I never got around to fixing it since I was planning to do a swap. So will need new carb or have old on rebuilt. Asking 450.00


    West Sacramento , Ca

  2. Itb for now, but I may turbo in the future
  3. / http:// just a little update
  4. Hey guys havnt been on here in a while. Been busy with new house and while moving process/remodeling and now baby on the way. Datsun has been sitting since August last year when my carb went out I believe .seems like it's just flooding with fuel and I didn't have much time to mess with it. I just recently picked up this beams 3sge blacktop that I will be swapping in the 510 this winter. I will have the engine up for sale once I pull it if anyone is interested. It's an l16 that was rebuilt by previous owner and then the car sat until I purchased it. I put about 20k miles on the engine with no issues at all. Did compression test on it after my carb went out and it read 205 all cylinders. If anyone is interested jusy pm me. Also will come with headers and trans. New clutch kit 5k miles ago and full tune up
  5. Lol nah im going sr20 in the future, changed plans. Got something in mind that i will be building but for now, he l16 is fine (: thanks for props
  6. Yeah i was thinking +20 as well. Its a custom coilover kit i put together and its a stock 510 strut with custom brake rotor and caliper bracket to bolt up the wilwood caliper
  7. so I'm looking in purchasing some new wheels for the dime. 15x7 all around for easy fitment. I dont have zx struts up front. My question is, whats a good offset to run on a 15x7 wheel with 205/50/15 tire setup? I was guessing like +20 but want to double check before i purchase anything
  8. hey guys so decided to go with a different engine swap route and gonna keep the l16 in there for now. I was looking into getting a aftermarket exhaust manifold installed and was kinda looking at it and had a question, does the intake manifold have to come off in order to get the exhaust header out? Also was looking to get a new intake/exhaust gasket and noticed there was some that have oval ports and some round, did the l16 head come with different ports? thanks for ur input in advance
  9. It was out of a 96 jetta 2.0 liter I'll get pictures of the brakes on the car a little later. BTW I work at a shop and we will be selling this brake kit very soon if anyone is interested
  10. Fits perfectly to the top. EVen if using stock shroud and fan. If you leave the side plastic tabs on it fits really tight from frame rail to frame rail. Another erason its great is because it has these tabs on both sides that you can put a screw in so i drilled holes behind the grill and put a screw into the tab to hold it Only thing is you have to instal an inline filler neck because these radiators on the jetta are with an external pressure resevoir.
  11. So i did some research and went with the jetta radiator for now. Fits perfectly and cools great so far. DId full tune up on the engine, ( spark plugs, wires, cap, rotor and fuel filter ) cost me $35! Heres some pix i have, will post more later.
  12. Hey guys been MIA for a while busy with the shop life. But i finally got the custom coilover setup and big brake set up on and got the 510 running with the l16 in it. Drove it for a day and noticed the radiator leaking. So i decided to drive it for another day after flushing the radiator and it just went out on me with these hot cali days. Anyone have a stock rad for sale or shud i just go with a aluminum one? Will post pix later
  13. What's the widest wheel u can run up front with the 280zx strut?
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