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  1. breezenahan can you please help me out i need to know the exact size you used for the front and rear coilovers please thank you
  2. Hello i'm looking to buy the hall front suspension bushings for a 1973 620 can anyone point me in the right direction pls thanks
  3. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    ok guys i did it thanks wayno im not gonna lie after 40 minutes of adjusting turning the truck on and off and checking and double checking driving the truck around the block and for a few blocks adjusting again n again n im not gonna lie i cursed out the guys that came up with the design datsun makers n there moms n my truck a few times lol :rofl: hahahaha i finally got it to where im somewhat happy with it only problem now is that while my foot is off the pedal i can here a somewhat of a noise sounds like the throwout bearing and when i put my foot on the pedal it stops making the noise :c
  4. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    datzenmike it didn't come with the collar shown on the box it so i used the one that came with the transmission wayno i will do just that when it stops raining
  5. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    i haven't changed anything yet because its still raining in san francisco out of all days it never rains out here n for the last 3 days it hasn't stopped raining hahahaha lucky me :rofl:
  6. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    before i put the slave cylinder on again
  7. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    my old slave sylinder my new bearing not sure if u can see the cutch on this one bearing[/url] the clutch
  8. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    ok wayne im here I've been writing this but im at work so please help me what exactly do i need to do i had to get ride to work today n catch the bus tomorrow morning because i didn't get to work on my truck today is raining in san francisco no garage no work done on my truck lol
  9. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    omg this would be the 3rd time i would bring it down this sucks all because lack of knowledge but thanks to you guys i have a better understanding on what i did wrong and how to fix it i mean damn it its a lot of work but i will have my baby on the road asap :crying: :crying: :crying: i will let you guys what happen the minute i get enough time to work on my truck
  10. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    wow meaning 1st i need the right collar 2nd bring down the transmission 3rd change the wrong collar for the right one n put everything back together ? :confused: :yawn: :rofl: :rofl: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:
  11. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    banzai510 my boy told me i could shorten the rod so it could work better i just go the one that goes on the 1983 280zx it looks like the rod is [/url
  12. djpapo

    Slipping clutch

    i tried putting the spring in there to see if it would help but all it did was make the clutch pedal a little harder to push but the slave cylinder looks like is all pushed out and thats with 1st gear in no one pushing the clutch n the truck off
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