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  1. https://youtu.be/g_K2OhtNhwg I was trying to see on google if anyone did this before i can say nobody has so i am somewhat I guess the first to put a ka24det in a 910 maxima
  2. https://youtu.be/4n30_R4Re80 Doing these datsun really test you brain on solving problems and work with the parts you have..
  3. https://youtu.be/hr82Iu7Nf3k Sorry I am not on this a lot I am building this thing on a budget of scrap parts...
  4. You can follow the build here and other cars https://plus.google.com/u/0/collection/UwexnB
  5. Sorry dont know how to work this thing..................In the video you can see my Datsun 810 build with a ka24det motor in it ( it runs ) 11:00 video marker
  6. As far as a 4 cylinder in a Full size car ( it is stupid ) , but to see it done i am willing to do it would be quite a strange ride ( would it move ) off the line like stock in turbo form . These things i wonder about
  7. Not on here much i still dont make may way around in this forum well.. I am trying, but no luck lmao
  8. A lot time when your the odd kid on the block you get no love THE usa SPEC DATSUN 810/MAXIMA.... It doesnt fit here or does it fit anywhere and the more I find out that it doesnt fit in the more i like ( man that sound strange ) , but you get what i am saying its cool to be odd and those 810 owners we are odd and this bellow is my odd ride.. https://youtu.be/Q_vsvAbr8sM
  9. Cv boot I had no clue how this was so dirty, but i got it done though.. https://youtu.be/8MIwT8NuCs4
  10. The rear diff mount bracket was the coolest part of the build cause it was simple, but it was hard go this route cause you want to do something crazy, but simple is best....Note that diff cover did not have any studs in it...So i used 350z studs I bought 2 cause 350z uses 1 stud on there diff..... https://youtu.be/sJy1E8A9p0Q
  11. Here is a video of car its very hard to document the car when you just try to get at the project.... https://youtu.be/Ogx2x7Oq47g
  12. You sir are going in on this project and I respect ford route not the ls route....
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