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  1. Juniper11

    Post Your 521.

  2. Juniper11

    Brakes went out... repair or convert to disc?

    Repairing leaky drum brakes was the first thing I did when I got my 521. It was a great first experience of getting to know my car :) My reasoning is if your going to keep the drums, make sure they are in tip top shape. I had two leaky wheel cylinders so I went ahead and replaced all 4. While it was apart I got the drums resurfaced, replaced all rubber brake hose, and new shoes too. This is also a great time to repack your front wheel bearings if your up for it. The whole process took way longer than expected but I am so glad I did it myself. I never knew how much satisfaction stepping on brakes could bring! mmmm braakes
  3. Juniper11

    joke's you know you got them

    A guy calls the local car dealership looking for a car... He reaches one of the salesmen and begins to describe what it is he's looking for. GUY "It will be my daily driver. So I want it to be reliable..." SALESMAN "Of course you do! and your in luck cause we've got lots of reliable vehicles!" GUY "I also am on a budget, something affordable and durable would be great..." SALESMAN "Well for an honest guy like you, I'm sure we can arrange a payment plan to fit any budget!!" GUY "Ok well... I also need the car by next Wednesday. Whaddya think??" SALESMAN "Next Wednesday?!! DAT SOON?!"
  4. Juniper11

    1969 521 Tranny issue

    This just happened to me too. The oddity of the problem points me to electrical so I will try this ASAP. Glad to find this! However- Does disconnecting the second set of points have any negative effects? datzenmike in another thread "72' 521 question about 3rd gear clicking sound.." you were saying the second set effects the performance and emissions....
  5. Juniper11

    Breakfast for a 521

    The old farmer took good care of it over the years for sure. There is indeed some cancer spreading around the floors... but the worst part is that Haynes doesn't tell you how to cook eggs beny ?? The good news is I just found a big stash of original parts the previous owner has replaced and saved. Of the more noteworthy were two carbs, and a choke knob w cable. I was i little worried about getting Hanta virus going thru them but so far so good. Off to a slow start but I've got a handful of bushings on the way and summer is right around the corner.
  6. Let me know if this sounds reasonable: Just started up my bikes after being tarped for the winter. Batteries were tendered, fuel was stabilized. My 2001 DRZ400 would turn over but would not fire. Gas started coming out the exaust- alot. I checked the oil and it smelled like gas and thus I'm thinking the float valve is either clogged or the float itself is stuck. Was thinking take the carb off and clean it and inspect, give it an oil change and try again. The carbs on these guys are a total PITA so I dont want to do it if it could be avoided. Any suggestions??
  7. Juniper11

    Breakfast for a 521

    A tough old widow I did some roofing for out in the country a while back just got moved to a nursing home (I think she actually loves it)... I remembered asking her about a truck I saw in the barn buried completely in trash so I tracked her down and cut a deal with her. Take her to breakfast in The Truck every so often and The Truck is mine! Hadn't been touched in 9 years. I changed all the fluids and such and to my amazement it started right up! Datsun's are the shit. '71 to be exact. It does have some minor issues. The brake pedal hitting the floor was the big one so I ended up replacing all the wheel cylinders, spinning the drums and new shoes. I figured if I'm gonna rock the drums (for now) then they might as well be fresh. When the guy at the brake shop said it would be $60 for the drums I objected cause he told me thirty that morn. Apparently he hadn't looked at the stack i left him by the lathe and made an assumption there were only two. I told him it was for my new Datsun and we settled on 40 cash :) Since then, I've been having a hard time picking my minivan to go to work over the Datsun... trying to fix the horn... the conspiracy talk shows on AM are getting old quick Kelsey likes it too
  8. Juniper11

    need a new 521. asap. Mighty mouse revival project thread

    OK thanks- The truck belonged to an old woman who kept it registered and insured for 10 years after her husband died, RIP, but never drove it (in fact buried it deep beneath piles of hoarding). I'm assuming they still have record of it.... but i will talk to them and see what I can do- it would be rad to keep em.
  9. Juniper11

    need a new 521. asap. Mighty mouse revival project thread

    .....and be street legal
  10. Juniper11

    need a new 521. asap. Mighty mouse revival project thread

    I recently picked up an old 521 with plates 5 character plates.. Is there someway to keep these on the truck?
  11. Juniper11

    My Ratsun Datsun 521, now with L-20-B

    Wow if there's anything I learned from cars it's patience. DanielC you are my sensei.

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