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  1. halmracing

    Looking to buy a kc 77-79 datsun 620

    Ok 78-79 then ok cool
  2. Looking for a datsun with a rolling frame dic brakes. Hope has good finders and insides dose not need a engine but hope to have a 5 tran. Hope cheep email me at halmracing@yohoo.com or call me at 509 250 3542
  3. halmracing

    cool 620 beater

    that my old baby lol i miss that truck it was funn stuff man
  4. halmracing

    datsun engine parts

    were did you get that engine man looks like my old eng can you send me mor pic of it plz or email me at halmracing@yaoo.com or call me at 509 250 3542 plzzzzz....adam is my name thank you
  5. halmracing

    looking for a L20B

    i have one came out of a truck do not now any thing about it it did run...i did not here it i would like 350 or best offer...call me at 509 250 3542 or email me at halmracing@yahoo.com thank you adam
  6. halmracing

    Rubbermans 620 KC

    well i got to say it looks good i have one i am starting this year.....
  7. halmracing

    77-79 620!!

    well it is more then stock but need to sale asap i am saling it for 1500 or best offer.......call me or email me 509 250 3542 or email me halmracing@yahoo.com thank you adam halm
  8. halmracing

    looking for a 620

    i have a 620 ex cab for $1500 call me or email me at halmracing@yahoo.com or call 509 250 3542....thank you adam
  9. halmracing

    have a 77 datsun 620 ex cab

    it has a bad ass z22 and l18 head i have at lest 2000 in to the motor the truck i had to pice it back to gether so i would like to get some money out of it and it is not that bad at all so carry on plz thank you adam
  10. halmracing

    have a 77 datsun 620 ex cab

    i do not think so man
  11. halmracing

    have a 77 datsun 620 ex cab

    1200 anyone want it need to go now
  12. halmracing

    have a 77 datsun 620 ex cab

    1800 obo i like to wheel and deal
  13. halmracing

    have a 77 datsun 620 ex cab

    so does any one what to talk about the truck or not....
  14. halmracing

    have a 77 datsun 620 ex cab

    hope to have a buyer soon thank you all
  15. well i have a 1977 datsun truck with ex cab and a z 22 with a l 18 head on it a header webber carb big cam and a light flywheel. i would love to get the fun truck out of here. i will let it go for 1800 obo i will put pic on tomarow it also has a 5 speed trans i also have a l20b and a 4 speedtrans that i need to get out of here to so some one buy the fast fun truck i will deliver if close to me i live in goldendale wa so call if you what to buy or email me plz 509 250 3542 or halmracing@yahoo.com. need to sale asap plz lets talk hope to here from you all thank you for looking. adam halm

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