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  1. Much appreciated. Time to do a little shopping. :devil:
  2. I'll keep you in mind once I get a complete list. Thanks for the offer. :thumbup:
  3. Not clueless. Just like others that have previously attempted. They wanted to make sure and get advice/information about certain spec's before getting a part that would eventually work with a little or a lot of fab work. I am aware that it isn't documented well.. I've done a lot of reading and still needing information because of it. My goal by this swap is to continually edit my first post on this topic with a guide and document it to my best for others in our community on ratsun.com I do appreciate the list so far though. Thanks!
  4. Well, I'm planning on making the swap... but I'm not sure as to what is all needed. As you can tell, I'm not a mechanic... but I do have this awesome car that I've wanted to have fun with. I am aware that this vehicle is full of headaches! Haha.. I am also aware that it's going to be worse that it's my first project. I've got 1 question requiring multiple answers.What are all the parts that I will need to complete this swap? Once I get them all. I'll bump this topic back up and show you all some pictures as progress goes on. :rofl: *Side note: The car is all original.* Here's a list of the parts coming with the engine. Nissan Silvia 240sx S13 Complete Engine - Cylinder Head - Long Block - Intake Manifold - Sensors - Exhaust Manifold - Fuel Rail - Injectors - Distributor - Throttle Body - Alternator - Ignition Wires - Pulleys - Valve cover - Oil Pan - Turbocharge - 5 Speed Manual Transmission - Wire Harness - ECU - Ignitor chip - MAF I've went through some topics and found this website. http://www.maddat.com.au/index.php :thumbup: This is a list of parts already mentioned: (Some parts will require fabrication/modification which will be labeled with (F).) - (F) Radiator - (F) Motor Mounts - (F) Sway Bar - (F) Transmission Mount - (F) Driveshaft - (F) Crossmember - H190 Rear Axle - 280zx Struts & Breaks - Swaybar
  5. http://community.ratsun.net/topic/54699-5-speed-transmission/ This is a topic I started a little while back. Some useful information on it. Hope it helps.
  6. I was able to find a little bit of information via google. I can't recall the name of the forum I read it, but I removed the dust cover(shield) from the yoke. All is good now. B)
  7. Can't find anything on forums.. =(
  8. Well, I attained a F4W60 2 days ago. Swapped out my FS5W60A and now the driveshaft is too long. What would be the reasoning behind this? Do I have to get driveshaft from an earlier B210?
  9. Aw. You're right. I misread Tech Wiki. Tech Wiki was saying the 60A had a larger overdrive than the 60L. Thanks for correcting me. B)
  10. Yep, that's why I've considered the 4 speed into my search. Even if I were to drive on highway.. I don't mind people going around me. *snicker* Not saying the 4 speed can't go as fast as the 5 speed. That's not the case.. The 4 speed just has sad highway mpg due to the smaller overdrive.
  11. Thanks, Sierra. Appreciate the help. :thumbup: I want a 5-speed badly and I agree it would be nice to have over the 4 speed. Although, I've read the 4 speed is actually stronger.. and the 5 speed difference is it has a bigger overdrive. So, it's the 4 speed can't be all that bad. :blush:
  12. Ugh... *pulls hair* Anyone know where to find a rebuild kit for 60A 5speed manual transmission? Seems that might be the easier way to go rather than waiting around for someone willing to part with their transmissions.
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