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  1. Thanks guys I checked the fuel filter and then replaced it and that solved my issue!!:)
  2. I dont know whats wrong with my 620. It will run for a little while and i can drive it to short distances but if i try to go over 60 it starts losing power and after that it will not let me go over 40 then 30 and eventually i have to stop and wait a little bit? also when this happens it will accelerate for about 2 seconds then stop accelerating and then it will accelerate for another 2 secs. has any body had this issue?? is so what did you do? or how can i fix the issue?
  3. WOW thanks for the feed back that seems a little more work than what i want to do maybe i will just stick to finding a KA series instead thanks!
  4. I am looking into buying a 1991 Nissan Sentra that comes with the SE-R 2.0 engine except its mounted for front wheel drive. Would this be an issue? or would could i mount it for a rear wheel drive? also so what tranny would i need to find? Please some feed back would be much apprieciated.
  5. I lost mine and can't find it please if anybody has one let me know I need it before next Thursday or asap
  6. The first JDM LEGENDS car meet will be next week on THURSDAY from 5-8. does anybody want to meet up before the meet and cruise there? I am located in Utah County for anybody that is south of SLC county. but if you would be willing to meet up that would be cool to lol
  7. I am looking to get spark Plug wires in a different color other than black. Maybe red, blue, purple? just to make the bay area a little more appealing. does any body have a good source to get colored wires?
  8. Yes i need the Bracket that is located right under the cab that holds it from shaking
  9. I need the driveline center mount mine is gone and whenever I drive it it makes a weird noise. If anyone has a good one, makes them or knows where I could get it I'd really appreciate it
  10. Wanting to get some fender mirrors for my 620 any recommedations or things I should look for?
  11. My project is almost finished and I'm excited about seeing what other people have created so any information on some meets would be great
  12. Hello! I am trying to get in touch with some of the Datsun community in Utah, my goal in doing so is to find the scene here in Utah or to start it up haha. I would like to have/or go to a couple meets in the summer time and meet some new people and their sweet rides. So give me a shout out lets get something going!!!
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