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  1. I was 17. Second car was 71 2dr 510. L20b dogleg. I fabricated sentry headlights into it thinking it would make the car look newer! Looking back it was obviously a sin. miss that car.
  2. Just recently got the car all back together after the hood got damaged. Been driving the car around. Got a little hot in traffic. But over all I am very pleased with the Sr motor. When the turbo starts to spool the car is a handful. I am sure I will get used to it.

    Need help

    9 years ago when I removed the glass on my car. I probably put the parts where I would never forget them. Now I don't remember what they even look like. Anyone have a photo of what holds the window regulator to the glass. There is a roller on the rear of the glass it is mounted to the regulator. Datsun 510
  4. It's left my garage for 4 things. Roll cage,paint and body,exhaust and headliner. I am unsure of anyone who does restoration. Sorry. Bad news: Last Sunday I was working on the car reducing rattles,cleaning up some wiring for the dash. On one of the test drive I forgot to pin the hood! So I got some body damage now and the hood is destroyed. Yup i am officially a dumb ass.
  5. Thank you, I drove the car a few times last night. It has nice acceleration and then the boost comes! That is so cool. Little car just jumps alive. Like when my dad would kick me in the ass when I was a kid. Haha. I don't have any glass in the car right now so the wind plastering my face back makes it difficult to drive. Thank you for this forum. I have gathered alot of information here. This build would not have happened without all of you.
  6. 271 hp to the wheels! Its a good day. Total of 16 hours on dyno. 16 lbs max boost 9* of timing. Anyone know what I can get away with for timing? Stock s14 sr20det zenki motor.
  7. Wastegate spring? What's that? So ya! I forgot to put a wastegate spring in. I remember thinking about it. I even discussed with my friend how much of a pain in the ass it will be if the spring had to be changed! So Friday spent 5 hours on dyno tuning all aspects of the vacuum side of the map. I have to say that is working great. Max hp 76 at the wheels with no turbo. Saturday removed wastegate installed 10 lb spring combo. Monday will resume dyno tuning boost side of map.
  8. My baby is on the dyno.
  9. Got the car half ass tuned. Drove it 15 feet out of the garage back and forth a few times. Laid down a little rubber.
  10. Yup, now it runs, idles way to high trying to figure out how to adjust it down. Ofcourse i let the smoke out of my fuel pump controller forgot to connect the ground. Had to order another. Getting closer and farther away all at the same time.
  11. Progress, it fires but won't idle. Hahahaha! Think i am starting to lose it.
  12. Frustration! So been working on the car every opportunity that comes about. I got the motor turning over for the first time in 30 years. Problem is it won't fire. The tuning aspect of the aem is a bit overwhelming. Try again tomorrow night.
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