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  1. Averaje

    Hiding wiring

    Can anyone supply a link to the after market harnesses???
  2. Averaje

    pic of your dime

    Here is my Dotty, havent been on here in a while.
  3. Averaje

    Diary of a Goon Noob [edin's build]

    Super nice...
  4. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    Also help my friend throw this thing in his bug before our US Open of Surfing Cruise down PCH
  5. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    Sorry its been so long, shesh....Ive been busy and stressed out a bit but here is a catch up on things. My coilovers got a make-over, and got my L18 rebuilt, new alternator and voltage regulator. Now im in a bit of a pickle, I really want to tackle the interior (carpet, seats, headliner, stereo, etc... but I also want to get the body work done and painted, I was wondering does the inside of the car need to get painted or can i do it at different times or should i do it all at once, I understand that alot of people went through this process already and some advice could help alot. pics on changes so far. Shout out to John for the rebuild picking it up tomorrow, i dont know if you guys know him but some guy off instagram knew him from his car that I posted, maybe some of you may know him (SR powered)
  6. Averaje

    32/36 weber question.

    can anyone help with this carb cold air intake adaper at 2:49 in the video please and thank you https://vimeo.com/44244509
  7. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    Sneak peek at work , #Robinson
  8. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    So its been a minute and me being lazy, but for now, here is what i got and whats about to happen. i recently met the coolest guy in the world "Freddy" a.k.a. "510 Guru" hes been a huge help with helping me with my car and turning her into a beastly daily driver. Hes been int0 510 for more than 20 years, and owned/built/raced quite a few lol...and the best part is, he lives right around the corner. Datsun guys are everywhere, Awesome teacher by the way for someone who has little experience with cars and 510s. but im picking it up :) So right now were tackling the steering and suspension, i have the following ready to be installed -Tie Rod Setup -Drag link (Ermish) -Ball Joints Now im getting my front coilovers rebuilt, going to add bump steer spacers this weekend, after that im going to get a basic engine rebuild to the L18 and get dual carbs ( anybody selling ) after that i plan on getting t3 rear coilovers and a rear sway bar and after that im gunning for the interior and wiring :(. wish me luck i plan on having her ready by August for a PCH drive to Santa Barbara...wish be luck and i would love some feedback.
  9. Averaje

    What did you do to your dime today?

    got mostly everything for now, next im getting front coilovers and bump steer spacers.this weekend
  10. Averaje

    What did you do to your dime today?

    ordered ball joints, tie rod set up, draglink going to install this weekend.
  11. Averaje

    With only a dime and a dream.

    im just going to wait until nrg releases theirs, but goodluck man
  12. Averaje

    Happy 510 Day!

    Drove my baby today nice and slow, got alot of love from everyone , #happy510day
  13. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    well i just replaced the lower control arm bushings as for the idler arm, im not sure, ill check it out fore sure. Thanks alot.
  14. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    its all good man, im kinda in the same boat, but yeah bro, get it done. Summer is almost here and Pacific Coast Highway is calling us. but cool, ill drop by the shop to check it out. thanks.
  15. Averaje

    Datsuns Dollars Dimes a 510 Story

    yeah man im in love, lol...and yeap i remember what you told me. and after the engine is right those carbs will go on. for sure. As for the ZX, go ahead and junk the thing, my friend isnt going to come anytime soon. so feel free.

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