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    vw's, drag racing, going fast, 510's, football, BBQ judging
  1. rusty'n'trusty

    WTB 510 turbo

    nooo ive been getting my leg xrayed and outpatient therapy so i havent had time
  2. rusty'n'trusty

    WTB 510 turbo

    still nothing good yet :crying:
  3. rusty'n'trusty

    WTB 510 turbo

    damn thats alot thanks for the tips B) :thumbup: :rofl: :thumbup: :frantics: :frantics: :frantics: :frantics: :frantics: :hyper: :hyper: :sweat: :excl:
  4. rusty'n'trusty

    WTB 510 turbo

    Sure my bad noob it happens I think but thanks
  5. rusty'n'trusty

    WTB 510 turbo

    if anybody sees anything around la let me know please :thumbup: :frantics:
  6. rusty'n'trusty

    4 door 510 w/ ka24de

    hahahha i actually have that sticker if i have to settle with a 4 door later in life :thumbup: :frantics:
  7. rusty'n'trusty

    4 door 510 w/ ka24de

    thats a clean dime i would but im looking for a two door.... GLWS
  8. rusty'n'trusty

    1973 Datsun 510 2dr SOLD!!!!!!

    i know just pm'd the guy
  9. rusty'n'trusty

    1973 Datsun 510 2dr SOLD!!!!!!

    do u have any pics of how it looks sitting on the ground???
  10. for sale send me some pics abrahmhernandez@gmail.com please thank
  11. rusty'n'trusty

    For Sale.. Datsun 510 $6500

    I started from page 1 and went all the way to page 90 I read every 510 for sale if I don't see "SOLD" ON it I ask ;)
  12. rusty'n'trusty

    WTB 510 turbo

    It's in a garage because I broke my tibia two weeks ago and I can't walk or bend my right leg so yeah .
  13. rusty'n'trusty

    1971 510 ka24

    i want to see pics plz ill pm u
  14. rusty'n'trusty

    For Sale.. Datsun 510 $6500

    sooooooo??? is it for sale or not ??? :confused: :confused: :confused: :confused:
  15. rusty'n'trusty

    $3,300 1973 Datsun 2 door for sale

    can u send me some pics i live in cali looking to buy 510

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