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  1. 620GRX

    Im up Shit Creek; Need 620 Experts.

    Hi I'm in Edmonds with my brother if you need a hand just look me up I drove my 620 from Delano to Edmonds wa. around 70-85 got 29 mpg but low on power I put a weber 34 the venture in my 32-36 was loose anyway I'm bert. will be more that happy to help out . this weekend going to kent wa. car show at a race track. then sunday care show called return to renton last weekend I was at greenwood man that was a walk 1.5-2 mile of cars on both sides so look up Sandoval corvettes in Edmonds or call me 661-778-8505
  2. 620GRX

    dash help

    I have a 620 with a 240z dash fit nicely had to make some brackets the truck cot put on the back burner for awhile. let me take some pic and i'll post them .. good luck with your dash.. bert.
  3. 620GRX

    Detachable steering wheel

    I got a momo adapter toke it to my machine shop and had them cut the 6 tabs down then weld it back together now the adapter that you need is for a 240z it has the same spines and fits like a glove i have had mine ion my truck since 2008 when i painted my truck. so here's what i did 1- momo adapter then machine shop ( i think they charged me 35 bucks), 2-NRG quick release 2.5, then i got an isotta . man i love it hope this help.. bert.
  4. 620GRX

    620 wheels

    Hi all I think a have 10-12 hub caps in the garage some where . if you still looking for a set.
  5. 620GRX

    American Graffiti Parade N Carshow in Modesto Ca

    i'm in i can take two maybe three of mine . hell ya i'm in..
  6. 620GRX

    3.88 gears

    hey all looking for a 3rd member for my truck with 3.88 gears out of a 80 720 none here in the Bakersfield area, thank you..
  7. 620GRX

    Need 510 radiator for an L18 motor

    i have a two row 2 years old got it from 1-800-radiator
  8. you still have the item for sale if you do i can send payment 1/21/13 thanks bert
  9. 620GRX

    72 240Z PARTS FOR SALE!

    looking for the timing mark plate that bolts to the driver side of the motor front cover .
  10. Hello all i just got a truck today of a friend . , my shop Dr.Nissan Team Racing has just build #3 motor and i just got the truck to install the motor well i made the deal for installation so i will have a complete a/c system from compressor, condenser,hoses control head evaporator case with cover.it's is work cause i have to pay to have it evacuated . so my friend doesn't not need or want the system. i will post pics as soon as i start taking all parts off undamaged of coarse so i think the system is worth 4-500 buck or best offer and maybe trade too. with a low shipping in 48 states . will start removing system tomorrow if not sold by 1/25/13 i'll post it on e-bay.
  11. 620GRX


    update we got the chrome decal pharouh if you can send send me a pic i'll have it made up for you. thanks bert..
  12. 620GRX

    Has anyone done a Z dash in a 620?

    oh the only thing you need to shim the gear box from the frame to move the steering wheel over a bit seam to work ok so far test drove it then started to finish the job two years ago sorry got side tracked buying more 620's truck.
  13. 620GRX

    Has anyone done a Z dash in a 620?

    here's some pic of my 620 with a 240z dash in the works
  14. 620GRX

    Hayato Muramatsu's 620

    if i remember reading the my Mini Truckin that colors is a green not black but man that's is one beautiful truck i'll look for the mag and post what month it comes out in.
  15. 620GRX

    620 Fenders

    Delano Ca. just north of Bakersfield . 661-709-4988 thank you..

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