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  1. Thanks for responding you guys. There is a key code in the glove box! What can I do with it? I don't think it will get actually stolen; I live in a pretty low crime area and it's a very noticeable car. My guess is it was like a twelve year old boy who just took it to be shitty. Rather a weird/pathetic thing to do. I guess that's why I didn't think anyone would mess with it. But, maybe I am pretty naive and really should just get the whole thing rekeyed. Yeah, I checked the area for it.. no dice I may try to see if a similar key might work
  2. Is there some way I can make a replacement key without getting an entire new ignition? I heard a lot of Datsun keys are the same, is that true? Such a giant bummer. My car isn't even running right now; there's no reason for a person to take it. I just left the key in because I was going to have it towed to a mechanic soon.
  3. So, driving a manual transmission turns out to be AWESOME. Shifting gears just feels badass. Totally Burt Reynolds. The steering really is kinda tough. But, I'm sure I'll get used to it soon. Thanks for the tips you guys! :)
  4. Driver's side hole in floor. Passenger side hole in floor... and, with where they are, I'm wondering how it can possibly be fixed; since, there's really nothing to weld a new floor pan to?
  5. Thanks for the welcome! I'm thrilled about this forum. I've been lurking for a few days. It looks packed with great information. and super cool photos! Thanks! Yeah, Montana pretty much rules. I've never been to Havre. But, I know some folks out there who really dig it. I would definitely take an auto body repair class if I could find one! The closest thing they have in town is a Welding 101 class at the UM College of Technology. And, a youth nonprofit program for "at risk" high school students ...which actually looks really sweet. Maybe if I talk to the director and make a donation or volunteer somehow they'll let me tag along for classes. Looks like they just restored a '74 260. Dude, you should have come out for the wedding! Missoula is a fun place to visit for sure. Congrats to your friend. And, yeah, I'll take your advice with lots of suburbs and hills practice... as soon as I master the abandoned parking lot, of course. Thanks! That's good to hear. I really didn't know... it was listed at 500.00 I offered 300.00 And, then we settled for the 375.00 He told me he thought he could probably get more; but, he wanted it to go to someone who would appreciate it. And, it was kinda obvious I was already in love with it. I'm taking it in for a full diagnostics soon. Will make sure steering and brake components are on the top of the list if they need any work. ha, well, I already avoid parellel parking as much as possible anyway. So, I guess I'll be okay with it. We shall see soon.. And, a "rocker...." so that's what that part's called... awesome. But, yeah, it's like that on both sides. :( Probably even worse on the other one. The rust is gonna be the really big issue. The floor is worse than I thought. So is the inside of the trunk. I just took a bunch more pics, today. Will post 'em up soon.
  6. Initial issues list: Floor pans need replacing (some golf-ball sized rust holes in the front passenger side.) Rear exterior is heavily rusted. The rest, moderately. Upholstery is pretty much shithoused. No shifting gear boot. Needs a drivers's side windshield wiper. Front Passenger door doesn't open from inside. Couple cracks in the dashboard. Needs three hub caps. I can smell an anti-freeze leak and heater doesn't seem to pump out much heat. Just learning how to drive it is going to be an adventure; it's a manual. (I've never driven one in my life.) No power steering (which seems minor. but, I'm kind of a scrawny chick and I don't even know if I'm going to be capable of maneuvering it properly until I build up some muscle.) But, I'm super excited! I feel like I'm in love. And, I'm 100% new to it all. Advice is highly welcome!
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